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I was so excited to start my Freshman year of college! I couldn’t wait to get away from my dominating Daddy. To him I will always be his precious little Princess. He seems to think that only he should ever touch me. But my sex crazed cunny needs much more than what one old man can give it, so I got out of there just as fast as I could!

And here I am at the University, full ride cheerleading scholarship, and I am loving every minute! Cheerleaders get all the cutest guys and (with 5 minutes under the professors’ desk) they never have to study. All the girls wish they were cheerleaders, and all the cheerleaders wish they were me! The boys flock to me, and I enjoy sampling them all. Their girlfriends get SO jealous, but I don’t care. My pussy demands constant attention.

Oh, and I LOVE the attention. Boys will do ANYTHING for the slightest chance of laying me. Who can blame them? They’ve never met a nympho like me; a hot and horny slut that can take a dick in the ass, down the throat, and jerk two besides (making them ALL cum in less than 5 minutes) and can send their cocks into convulsions just by squeezing my pussy muscles!

But no matter how exciting as all that college cock is, they are so young, and very inexperienced. I need someone that can make my pussy quiver. Older men, who realllly know how to use their fingers, tongue, and cock…. And I need a lot of them! What can I say? Sometimes I get homesick.

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