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My Daddy especially loved fucking me when I wore my cheerleader outfit. He pulled across the crotch of my panties and slips his dick into my moist cunt. He likes it when I shake my pom poms and cheer as he fucks me. "Daddy's dick is up my ass... He can fuck me hard and fast!" Sometimes he likes me to wear what he calls my "Wilderness Wench" uniform. He likes to take me out back and have me straddle the rail of the fence. I have to stand on my tippy toes to keep the rough wood from gouging into my pussy lips. When my feet get tired, I have to shift from foot to foot forcing me to grind my clitty against the wood. He says he wants to wear the peach fuzz from my mound!

Daddy is always finding new things for me to do like teaching me how to make cum squirt from my nose or how to fit a cock in my ass and in my pussy at the same time. Oh yes, daddy shares me with some of his best clients. He told me once that my pretty pussy is the best deal closer he has! I don't mind helping daddy with his deals. After all, it helps keep his Princess in pretty pink panties and anything else I want.

So if you want to play daddy with me, I'm just a phone call away. I also like to roleplay lots of other things like:

Daddy's Girl - Teacher/student - Coach/athlete - Wilderness Wench/Troop leader - Babysitter - Little/Big sister - Uncle/Niece - Plushy Fetish - Tickling - Naughty Cheerleader - Ageplay - Family Fun & More

And don't forget those Girlie slumber parties where we sissify and humiliate little brothers!

I have no taboos and I'll play any age doing anything. I love watersports and if you like it rough, I'm a screamer!!! So call Amelia and I'll whisper all sorts of naughty secrets in your ear and I'll scream as we cream together.

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Some of my Favorite Phonesex Calls Include:

Daddy/Daughter, Cheerleader, Family Fun, school girl, Ageplay, extreme age roleplays, rough stuff, and more!