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I'm Betsy, and I recently turned 18 even though I look a lot younger than that as you can see in my photos.

When I was just entering my teens, I grew more and more self-conscious as the other girls hit puberty and blossomed out while I just remained a little girl – physically, anyway. Some of the other girls with their big titties and their hairy pussies would make fun of me in the locker room after gym class. But it didn't take me long to realize that while many little boys like older women, many grown men LOVE little girls – and believe me, once I realized that there was no looking back.

It amuses me now when I'm out and a man obviously wants me, but he's afraid because he thinks I'm jail bait. If I like him and want to fuck him, usually all I have to do is whip out my ID and we're in his car minutes later going back to his place. There's nothing I love better than finding a true little girl lover and being the ultimate kinky, slutty little girl fantasy he's always dreamt about but has never been brave enough to act on.

So what about you, lover? Ready for me to get on my knees and pleasure you like only a naughty little princess like me can? Want to find out firsthand whether my little pussy – or my ass – is as tight as it looks? Daddy-daughter fantasies ALWAYS get me hot as shit, as do hardcore fantasies, accomplice play, extreme age play … let's put it to you this way. The kinkier and more taboo your secret fetish may be, the better I'll like it. That's why I got into hardcore, no-limits phone sex. After all, I can't be out fucking dirty old men ALL the time. Sometimes it's better to stay home for a hot, hard mindfuck. Call me and I'll show you exactly what I mean.

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