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Panties Phone Sex Fetish

panties pink

A panties phone sex fetish  whore is waiting for your call. Have a favorite color and style of panties? I do have them all since such a pantie freak! Every since a little girl, I have collected all types of  panties. Silk, lacy, cotton, high briefs, thongs are just  a few of my favorite from my collection. But what is my ultimate favorite type of panty you ask? WET ONES! LOL.  I do love to feel the moisture collect in my panty liner of those silky beauties.

No worries if your partner does not enjoy our fetish. This is why we are here to share with the extra nasty and kinky pleasures of life. Panties Rule! I do adore to lean over and expose the ones that I have on for your enjoyment. Giggles. Yes, can you see my cute butt checks poking out? Reason enough to call and then there is that excuse that you too love to wear them. Oh sexy panties should be made for boys too. Yes to feel those silky material against your cock. OMG. Come join me either way with a hot silky panties phone sex fetish call.

 Panties Phone Sex Fetish

866-66-Kitten or 866-654-8836

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Age Play Phone Sex Nigger

Age Play Phone Sex Nigger


Hello sir, was you looking for a Age Play Phone Sex Nigger like me? Well I think you found the dirtiest lil black boo this side of the Mississippi. But I hope you know I might be small but I am an expert when it comes to kiddie porn phone sex. Oh yeah I been turning tricks for years now and know that these men need their cocks handled a certain way by a dirty lil nigger boo.

Being a nasty boo has its advantages, like swallowing cock  whole and using this nigger tongue  for cleaning up  ass and cum. You like me being a sloppy lil nigger mattress for your fat cock I know you do, so lets not keep you waiting when this dirty Age Play Phone Sex Nigger is here for your pleasure… Lets get down and nasty freeky daddy.. I all yours for the abusing you need

Naughty Nigger Phone Sex Slut
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Cum Junkie Phone Sex

Cum Junkie Phone SexI’m a Serious Cum Junkie Phone Sex     Addict  that just can’t get enough sex . I started  out very young taking cocks .First it was the  neighbor boy      next door , then my middle  school teacher.

No matter what I can not get enough and I  am such a huge cock tease I want to drink your    entire load on a Cum Junkie Phone Sex Call.


Cum Junkie Phone Sex

1(866)-6- KITTEN


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Daddy’s Mad Phone Sex

daddy's mad phone sexOh no – Daddy’s Mad Phone Sex!  I hear him thundering downstairs with mommy! Screaming and yelling and he throws something at her that crashes.  There is a slap then I hear her relent.   She always does everything he says and I hear her crying and pleading as he forces her upstairs.  I hide in the closet, but they know where I am because I whimper.

“Bring out my little bitch!!”

Mommy opens the closet and try’s to talk softly through the tears.  I resist but she pulls me out of the closet and into the middle of the room.  She is already naked and begins undressing me, spinning me around for Daddy to lick his  lips and watch.

Once every stitch of clothing is gone, Mommy pulls me to the bed where daddy is sitting with his cock out.

“That’s right, teach this little bitch what I like.  Teach her how to suck this cock!”

Mommy takes it first and stares into my eyes as she does it. Daddy grabs the back of her head and shoves it all the way down her throat.  She gags and he thrusts his hips up so high, forcing his dick deep into her throat with a gruff laugh.

“Now it’s the little bitches turn! Show her good. This way if I ever kick you out she will be able to take good care of her pop!  That’s right – put that little girl mouth on mouth on my dick!”

Mommy forces my face down on his cock.  I open so wide but it almost doesn’t fit.  I know if I don’t do it right, he will beat up both of us  like last time, so I open so wide it feels like my jaw will come unhinged and daddy starts to grab the back of my head.  Mommy screams no – that she will do it.  She rips his hand away and gently but firmly pushes my head on daddy’s dick.  Over and over I gag on his cock with mommy whispering that its “ok” in my ear and Daddy grunting getting louder.  His cock is rippling in my mouth and I start to get wild eyed because its GROWING and pulsing.  Daddy pushes mommy across the room and grabs hold of my ears and hair and fucks my mouth so hard as a load of cum blows into my mouth!!!  I can’t breathe there is so much dick and cum!

He pulls his cock out of my  mouth and sees strings of cum dripping from my pretty mouth like a rabid dog.  He laughs and pushes me back on my mommy where I land in a pile.

“Lick her up you worthless slut!!!”  Mommy seems to like the taste and takes her time.

It’s always like this when Daddy’s Mad Phone Sex.

Xo Avril oX

Daddy’s Mad Phone Sex


The Phone Sex Chat Room


paige 2


I had a real treat today!  A sexy morsel with a southern drawl, who I can’t wait to eat up again.  He loves it when I dress up for him in my high heels and tight jeans phone sex outfit.  What drives his cock wild the best?  My little black gladiator sandals that I can make him lick, and my skinny jeans that are worn out.  He loves to bend me over the bed and ripe them right down the center, exposing my naked pussy and ass! It makes me so hot to hear him moan burying his face between my cheeks, eating my sweet center. Grabbing my hair in his fist, pounding my ass so hard it makes my teeth rattle with delight. He cums so hard we may have to gag him next time so the neighbors don’t hear!  MMMM baby, I can’t wait for our next time.  Just tell me when and where and I’ll be ready in my high heels and tight jeans phone sex outfit!

High Heels and Tight Jeans Phone Sex

Call me anytime! 866-654-8836

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Black Slave – Phone Sex

black slave

I know there are alot of ya’ll out there that just love you some black slave phone sex fun, and I’ve done quite a few of these type of calls. Ya’ll want a black girl that can get into her role and make you feel like you got a real nigga slave on ya hands , well come right here.

One time I had a Massa buy me off the block at a slave trade and sale, they told him I was a good nigga and knew how to cook, clean, and fuck. I remember him checking me out and making me take off my dress so he could see my body, I had a fine body as I had not had any children yet and I have the good skin.

Massa wasn’t too sure I was pure nigga he saying that my high yella made me look like I could be mixed, but I wasnt’ mixed and they show him the DNA test who my momma and daddy were and they both niggas, you want some black slave phone sex come and get it.

black slave phone sex

Storm 866-6-Kitten

Uncensored Phone Sex Chatroom


kellen_pulling_down_pantiesDaddy likes to keep me locked away in the basement because I am Daddy’s little sex slave phone sex. It is so lonesome down here. I have no one to play with or even to talk to. I really just want someone besides Daddy to play with :( All he ever wants to do is play house. I get to be the mommy or sometimes even the little ittle bitty girl and Daddy, well he always gets to play the Daddy. Sometimes he will sneak downstairs while I am sleeping and he will take my tiny little hairless pussy when I am not expecting it. I scream and fight but it does no good. Daddy always gets what he wants from his little sex slave no matter how hard I fight! Sometimes Daddy even brings friends over! He likes to watch them and record them fucking his little baby girl. Sometimes Daddy even takes pictures for his special pedophile Daddy website!  Daddy loves to show the world that he owns me and my little hairless smooth pussy. Daddy just loves me being Daddy’s little sex slave phone sex! ~Kellen~


Daddy’s little sex slave phone sex


866 654 8836



Getting Fucked In The Jacuzzi

I went away to this really fancy resort over the weekend  cause my latest sugar daddy was paying for it of course. He’s got a lot of money but he really doesn’t do a thing for me in bed with his little dick but I suffer through it cause I like the money and it doesn’t last long anyway. Once I did my duty he passed out and started snoring he’s so old he can’t really stay up past seven it’s pretty funny actually. Well I decided to take full advantage of it and go and spend some time in the hot tub but once I got there I realized I wasn’t the only one with the same idea. Once I dropped my towel and climbed in naked I realized I wasn’t alone.

There was this incredibly hot guy already in it completely naked and there was just this incredible electricity between us. He immediately grabbed me and pulled me onto his lap and he was anything but little. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dick as big as his, he fucked me so good I had four orgasms before he shot his load. I think it was even hotter knowing that my sugardaddy had no idea I was just down the hall having wild sex while he was snoring.

Call your kinky taboo girl Hannah at: 1-866-654-8836

Look for me in our kinky chatroom

Rates are $2 per minute within the U.S. and $2.50 per minute outside of the U.S.

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Sensual Love Making Phone Sex

I know most of you know me as a humiliatrix, cruel mistress, sissy teacher and fetish goddess overall, but I do have a sensual love making phone sex side too. I love teasing and pleasing and smouldering sex.

Sensual Love Making Phone Sex

I want you to feel my soft skin against yours, my hot breath on your neck. I want my nipples to get hard and tease your chest before you spread open my legs… I could continue, but I’d rather get wet making love than writing about it 😉 Call me for sensual love making phone sex. 


Fetish Phone Sex

Uncensored Phone Sex Chatroom.

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Cum Eating Phone Sex


Love me a cum eating phone sex whore.  There is something about you slutty cum suckers that makes this girl squeal.  When someone says they like eating cum that fucking opens up the door about a zillion other things too.  With a cum drinker, the call can go many different directions and still end with you in mind.  With you drinking a hot jizzy load.  Who’s ready for the next cum eating adventure? Any for those of that think you just might want to try it… Well get ready because if you are on the phone with me there is only way this is ending and that is with your belly full of cum.  I won’t take no for an answer so don’t play games.  I love watching you prep that meat for me.  You can even stay and watch me get fucked.  One thing is for sure and that is after I am done getting what I want I will guide that throbbing cock right to your mouth for that tasty explosion.  Cum eating phone sex callers, open your mouth and say ahhhhhhhh

Cum Eating Phone Sex

1-866-654-8836 ask for Jodie

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