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Mistress In Me Phone Sex

Lacy 6 300x225 Mistress In Me Phone Sex

With the mistress in me phone sex session I am thinking of, it puts loads of fantasies in my mind. Hot, but very dangerous, dangerous you ask? Well, I am fantasizing right now, you coming home late one night, thinking your wife is out of town. You enter your home to hear someone upstairs in the bath, so you talk out to her as though it is she you are speaking to, but hear no response. As you get closer and closer to the bathroom you notice candles light, and the sweet smell of Tahitian Vanilla, in the air, upon your entry to the bath,room you find me there, covered in bubbles and nothing else. My hair pulled back exposing my neck, as you lean forwards to kiss it my hands begin to unfasten your pants as they hit the floor, I begin to stroke your cock, feeling it rise to me. Your only option now is to just slide into the tub with me, feel my slippery thighs as your hand works it’s way up to stroke my pussy underwater, stroking and fingering. As you kiss me hard, and harder still, your cock continues to grow hard and harder still as I stroke it as well under the water. You smiling at me as you see I become more and more aroused, then your lips tracing from my lips, down to my neck, as you try to leave your mark upon me, then down to my ample breasts, teasing my nipples, on after the other sucking and nibbling them. While slipping, two fingers into my pussy under the water in and out slowly and deeply .Teasing my clitoris with your thumb as your fingers work there magic, this is bad, so very bad, yet so satisfying at the same time. The things we can and will do, don’t make me wait baby, set up our Mistress in me phone sex call tonight.


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Phone Sex Boyfriend

gaia4 213x300 Phone Sex Boyfriend

My phone sex boyfriend hid in the closet, while Daddy snuck in for one of his late night visits. He tried to be as quiet as he could be but he got so hard watching as my Daddy fucked me that he tripped over my high-heeled shoes and knocked some of my hangers off the rack. My Dad had his hard cock up inside my tight twat when he heard the noise; he looked over at the closet and back at me. He was so angry as he walked over to the closet only to open the door and find you with your cock in your hand that you were vigorously stroking as you were watching him play with his little girl. He gestured for you to cum out of the closet and pushed you onto the bed next to me insisting you remove your jeans all the way and turned the night light up a notch. He decided that it was time for an overdue lesson for both my phone sex boyfriend and me.


1 866 654 8836

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Snuff Phone Sex

Are you into snuff phone sex? Are you looking for a young teen as deviant and sick as you are? The thought of spilling blood makes my body ache, knowing that I can manipulate your cock into excruciating pleasure by watching a victim struggle. I’lljulietteB4 Snuff Phone Sex warn you – even ‘Vanilla’ phone sex calls with me aren’t normal. I ruin ‘normal’ sex for my callers, and before long, they can’t get off without the sound of my voice whispering taboo fantasies in their ear. I specialize in fetish phone sex, and this is what makes me unique. I cum just as hard as you when we roleplay your fetish Snuff Phone Sex fantasies.

Juliett @ 1-866-6-KITTEN ( 548836)


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Abduction Phone Sex

avrild 204x300 Abduction Phone SexI’m in the trunk of your car during Abduction Phone Sex.  Its cold and bumpy and my head is bleeding.  You pull down a gravel road and stop, then walk around to pull me out of the trunk and drop me in a crumpled pile in the still settling dust.  My hands are tied and you kick me and yell at me to get up.  You laugh at me as I try to get up leaning against the car because my hands are tied behind me.  I am still dizzy from when you hit me on the head and threw me in the trunk. You take a knife to my throat and I’m so scared, but you don’t cut my throat, you slice my shirt open all the way down the front.  Then you pop the button of my pants and they start to fall down.  Your knife takes a small slice down my belly and I scream and cry.  That just gets you more excited.  I think I may not make it out of here with the way you are looking at me and playing with that knife. Your hard on is epic – I can even see that through your pants.  I wonder what else is going to happen to me.  Then you bring out the plastic bag…..Abduction Phone Sex with Avril.

Xo Avril oX

Abduction Phone Sex


The Phone Sex Chat Room

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

livd Mutual Masturbation Phone SexI love when men call in to share Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex. They are not just interested in getting themselves off, but want to make sure I am pleasured and get off right along with them.

We describe what we are doing to ourselves, share our fantasies and I get so wet hearing him breath heavy and moan in my ear. I use my fingers and toys as he suggests and I may have multiple orgasms because I get sooo turned on by Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex.

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Ass Fucking Phone Sex

I’d love to be the sexy Ass Fucking Phone Sex whom you’ve seen grow up since I was a toddler. My cute little round butt makes you get a HARD-ONjulietteC3 Ass Fucking Phone Sex doesn’t it? Everytime I’m outside in my little skimpy bikini you stand at your window touching yourself don’t you? Wishing you could come over and put some oil on my body, accidentally touching my titties! Getting a peek at my smooth BALD PINK PUSSY makes you want to touch it doesn’t it? Why don’t you come over and see if I need a  Ass Fucking Phone Sex help?

Juliett @ 1-866-6-KITTEN (548836)


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family fun phone sex

Ameliakk 6 300x188 family fun phone sex

The first Sunday of the new year and I’m ready for some family fun phone sex right now, can you believe i haven’t even done ONE this year yet!!??!?! I really need it guys as it is my favorite type of phone sex call to do, yes I love family fun, incest phone calls.

Please come be my daddy and fuck my brains out, I promise to be your good little slut and do whatever you say and you know I take it up the ass like mommy won’t and don’t complain at all.

Oh daddy I need your cock inside my holes so very much, I will do anything to please you and I won’t tell mommy that you’ve been fucking me every since you were able to shove your cock into my tiny holes!!!

OMG daddy it is so big and hard right now, let me wrap my lips around your shaft and suck you into heaven, I know you need me right now as I need you for some family fun phone sex  .

family fun phone sex

Amelia 866-6-Kitten

phone sex chatroom

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Clown Phone Sex

Ginger 82 237x300 Clown Phone Sex

I did a clown phone sex call the other day and it was so much fun, who knew I could fuck and giggle all at the same time, it was so much fun I wanted to blog and tell you about it .

I was just a little girl at the carnival with my family of 7, me, madre, papi and my 5 bratty older brothers. I was so mad at my brothers I took off by myself with the money mi papi had given me for games and rides.

It was in the fun house where I found the clown later in the evening and he was just sitting in the funhouse jacking his cock, I knew what that was since mi papi and brothers were perverts, yes pedophiles who loved raping me as I grew up.

Anyway, I wanted to know why he was being a pedo in the fun house so I went to ask him and he told me that he can’t help being a pedo and what better way to find young girls than in the fun house? I told him he could get into trouble doing that if someone told on him, he assured me no girls that came in would tell as he made all of them cum good and hard.

WOw was I shocked to hear this but I went ahead and played his game because I had never fucked a clown before and thought it would be fun.. The clown pushed me to my knees, honked his horn and then said, ” HONK ON BO BO LITTLE BITCH” HAHA I can’t believe he was even funny when he said that so I got on my knees and started sucking his clown cock.

You know what though, his cock had a happy face on it above it I mean, he was all shaved and had a face drawn right there making his cock look like the nose.. I “honked” on bo bo until he needed my little latina pussy, he bent me over and pulled up my dress and panties to the side and started pounding my pussy, I could see me all different views from the mirrors and it was really awesome.

Who would have known that I’d be fucking a clown in the fun house and LIKE it for that matter, oh yes I can’t wait to see him again and honk on bo bon with some clown phone sex.

clown phone sex

Ginger 866-6-Kitten

phone sex chatroom

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Phone Sex with A Pedo Family

In Bed 4 300x168 Phone Sex with A Pedo Family

As I breathe a quiet sigh of relief that Christmas is FINALLY over, I also get very wett and horny thinking about my activities for the holiday and how much I love Phone Sex with A Pedo Family like mine.

I had a house filled wall to wall with my daughter’s cousins, uncle, and grandparents this holiday and they were here for a few days.  Usually that would make me the mother in turmoil with all the people in my house, but watching and playing with my daughter and her 3 cousins made it a very special Christmas for me this year! 

To make a long story short, on Christmas night, while I was online and doing calls, my daughter came out of her room with her little preteen cousin Aubrey. They couldn’t sleep and since I am the the Pedo Mom that I love to be, I had my little girl kiss, touch, and do things to her little cousin that makes me love my pedophile feelings and having Phone Sex with A Pedo Family like mine…

Pedo Mommy and Daughter Phone Sex

Pedo MILF Phone Sex

Cuckold Housewife Phone Sex

*****Click Here For my other Pedo Blogs*****

Call MILF Slut Aaliyah @ 1-866-6-KITTEN

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Submissive Teen Phonesex

Martina101 218x300 Submissive Teen Phonesex

I am looking for a daddy to play with who likes submissive teen phonesex.I get off on older men using me as their perfect little fuck dolly. I want to be owned and made to please my daddy. I have always liked being told what to do and I feel alive when I am made to suck a big cock and made to gag on it. I want to be your little girl slave with that beautiful bald pussy you long to penetrate. I get a rush of adrenalin when I am used and molested. It feels so good to please my daddy in every way. I can be treated very rough as well . We can invite my little friends over and abuse them together too as a team. Watch me lick another young girl’s nipples and stick my finger in her ass before you fuck her. Lets be wicked together and explore all ageplay fantasies. I offer no taboo talk and submissive teen phonesex.

Taboo Ageplay Phonesex


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