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Black Cock Craving Phonesex

Martina10 218x300 Black Cock Craving Phonesex

I know it’s really naughty but I am lusting after black cock craving phonesex.I am crazy about an older neighbor who has his eye on me and been paying me lots of attention. I tease him and wear tiny shorts or skirts when I pass by his house.He is quiet and I decided to seduce him because I want him. I rode my bike to his house and pretended to fall off. He rushed outside and brought me immediately into his house. He got out his first aid kit and asked where I was hurt.I was such a bad girl because I lifted up my skirt and pointed to my inner thigh right by my bald pussy. He began to massage my legs and his fingers slipped inside my panties. He saw the wet patch I had. He kissed me and held me tightly.I was so exited then he took out his beautiful black cock I was dreaming about. Gently I began to suck it and he made me gag  because he was so horny. My bald pussy was so wet it ran down my little legs. We made love for hours as he held me and told me he knew I was never hurt but played along because he wanted to fuck me too.I am a special little teen with so much imagination you will explode and be exhausted.Call me for black cock craving phonesex.

Ageplay Phonesex


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Itty Bitty Teen Phone Sex

betsyphonesex16 e1336542026697 211x300 Itty Bitty Teen Phone SexI am the cutest little itty bitty teen phone sex girl that you can find. My body and voice are that are a girl way younger than my 18 years. I know that’s what guys like you want to see and hear. Have your hand wrapped around your cock and stroke it while I tell you ALL the things I want to do to you with my tiny teen mouth and pussy. I will drive you wild letting you think about all the things you want a girl like me to do. I am into anything and will do anything, so there are no limits with this phone sex teen.  Any role play you can think of, I would LOVE to help you with. Especially if I get to be a little girl in your ultimate fantasy. Take one hand off of your cock and call me for itty bitty teen phone sex!

Kinky Betsy
Itty Bitty Teen Phone Sex
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Ethnic Ass Worship PhoneSex

samonet33 214x300 Ethnic Ass Worship PhoneSexYou know your craving Ethnic Ass Worship PhoneSex. Getting on your knees and looking up at my fat juicy round ass. They it sways and moves in your face. Your a worthless dog who’s pathetic cock is too small to please hot black pussy.  I’ll take that little prick and twist it off! There’s no need for it since your such a sissy! Im going to make you my ass slave. I’ll use your face to as a chair, a toilet. Your tongue will be a straw and a wash cloth. Your going to do what your told and hope that I let you jerk that tiny little dick during Ethnic Ass Worship PhoneSex.
samonet111 Ethnic Ass Worship PhoneSex

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Panty Fetish Phone Sex

0rory 204x300 Panty Fetish Phone SexWanna smell my panties? Well I will let you do just that on a Panty Fetish Phone Sex call. I have tons of panties just for you. The best are the dirty ones. You can have one pair under your nose and another pair around your cock. You can even tie a pair around your balls. So call me up now for some Panty Fetish Phone Sex!

Cum in my panties phone sex


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Daddies Fuck Toy Phone Sex

 Daddies Fuck Toy Phone Sex

Well, I don’t think I need to tell you, daddy loves daddies fuck toy phone sex with me. He knows, I will do any and everything to please him, to make him feel good, to show my love and apreciation  I have for him. Mm, all daddy has to do it call to me, and I am there, he can just give me a suggestive look, and I would be on my knees in front of him, ready to wrap my cute little teen lips around his swollen cock. Daddy has come to know how sweet my bald little teen pussy is, and anytime he want’s a sample, it’s available. Mm, Like last night, when he came into my bedroom, in his boxer briefs, he slid under my covers from the bottom. I awoke to him, lick, and sucking on my tight little teen pussy, as I moan uncontrollably, he reached up to cover my mouth with his hand, so we wouldn’t wake mom. Come see what else we did last night, set up our daddies fuck toy phone sex call tonight.


Daddies Good Little Girl

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Extreme Age Play Phone Sex

pagec 204x300 Extreme Age Play Phone Sex

I’m a horny little girl who has an insatiable need for extreme ageplay phone sex!!  I’m a perverted little girl with twisted fantasies. I may have the face of an angel and the voice of a child… But please don’t be fooled… My Daddy taught me well.  Call me for extreme age play phone sex fun!!


Age Play Phone Sex


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Babysitter Phone Sex

When I was eleven years old and I became the best Babysitter Phone Sex slut in our neighborhood. On my very first babysitting  job, the dad drove me home. He was asking me all sorts of personal questions  julietteC4 Babysitter Phone Sexlike if I’m still a virgin, if I masturbated, etc. I was still a virgin at that time, so I told him so. I also was pretty naive, so I asked him


 what masturbate meant. He got his dick out and started stroking it. He said that masturbating for me would be to rub my fingers all up and down and inside my pussy. Then he showed me how to do it with his long fingers. I had an orgasm right then and there on the front seat of his car.

I learned babysitting could be very profitable for me if I offered that extra service for all the daddies whose kids I watched. I guess word got around with all the dads because I was busy every single night with Babysitter Phone Sex  jobs.




Masturbation Phone Sex

Juliett @ 1-866-6-KITTEN (54886)


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Sick and Twisted Phone Sex

cammiec1 204x300 Sick and Twisted Phone SexSick and Twisted Phone Sex is the theme of the day. I have had some wild calls and hope the keep on cumming in. I love being the teen tease that drives your cock insane with my dirty whispers of things that you should be doing. No being mild Monday today. It’s wild Monday all day long. From the deepest and darkest secrets I will hold all those skeletons in your closets in my twisted mind.

Perverted phone sex is what really gets my panties in a twist. I bet your cock can make me soak these hello kitty panties. Think your ready for some Sick and Twisted Phone Sex?

Perverted Phone Sex


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Tickle fetish phone sex

Kandi2 300x240 Tickle fetish phone sex             


                   With a cute little giggle like mine tickle fetish  phone sex is right down my alley. I am a fun and giggly, young  and vibrant blond that would love to live out those fantasies with you. I am so ticklish, Especially on the bottom of my pretty little feet.

            Maybe a 2 girl phone sex call is something you would be interested in so you can  listen to me and my hot little friends tickle each other at our slumber party. Either way I am sure my giggle is something that will linger in your memory. Some guys tell me that I have an addictive little laugh, Call me and you can be the judge of that. So remember Kandi is where it is at for tickle fetish phone sex calls.

                                          Giggly teen phone sex


                                       Teen fetish phone sex chat

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Jerk Off Phone Sex

Are you a jerk off phone sex lover? Do you like to jerk off and hope you get caught? I have a great roleplay! Let’s say I’m your step-sister and I always catch you jerking off.

I have found you in the bathroom 3 times, twice in your room and once in the living room. It’s not like you dont know I am coming you hear me calling you. I even knocked and you wouldn’t stop when you said come in. If you loving being a bad boy, or even a little bit of an asshole call me for jerk off phone sex! I can take it.

Kinky Kitty


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Angelpic1 203x300 Jerk Off Phone Sex