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My Parlor Suprise Phone Sex

Lacy 3 My Parlor Suprise Phone Sex

You look so stress, take off your clothes and slip into a My Parlor Surprise Phone Sex Session with me.It has been long week and you need to let loose, mm I know just the thing to help with that. Sounds like you need a massage for some tiny little fingers. So I am thinking, maybe you come to visit me at my massage parlor, and I sit you in a room, a private room, sound proof, have you get ready for the time of your life. Very Soon you have someone come into your room, beautifully young look girl, who comes in and starts in on you, send a sensation throughout your body, before I come in I clear my appointments for the rest of the afternoon. Once on your room, and seeing just how happy you are you feel me get really close to your ear and reveal the secret that she is not who you think she is. As she continues to work your body over, I explain, the sweet young lady that is treating your body is my niece, and she is no where near old enough to have a job, well, at least not one outside of a lemonade stand that is. Shocked, I coax you to allow her to continue, she needs to learn how to satisfy a good paying customer like you. I have you flip over to your back, as she straddles your lap and the only thing that separates you from her is your towel and her pretty little cotton panties. Well, I can see your cock growing harder still as she rubs her tight wet pussy on your cock. I have her stand, and remover your towel, I want you to feel just how hot her sweet pussy is, and just how wet you made her. This is where things get out of control, and so hot her clothes melted off. Let me tell you about it, or help loosen your muscles, set up My Parlor Surprise Phone Sex Call tonight.


It’s Thanksgiving and I’m giving you something to be really thankful for, a Black Friday Phone Sex Special! As soon as the clock strikes midnight you can be having any kind of dirty taboo phone sex you like with me! The kinkier, the nastier, the wetter, the better!

PhoneSexLeighton 212x300 Black Friday Phone Sex Special with Leighton

Black Friday’s special is double the pleasure icon smile Black Friday Phone Sex Special with Leighton Buy 10 minutes… get 10 free! Buy 20 minutes… get 20 free! This special only lasts through the end of Black Friday so have your cock ready. I’m getting wet thinking of all the perverted fantasies I’m going to have ‘thrust’ upon me *Giggles* Call me for your Black Friday Phone Sex Special, and don’t forget to look out for a Cyber Monday Sale icon wink Black Friday Phone Sex Special with Leighton

Taboo Fantasy Phone Sex

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Mexican Phone Sex

Ginger 70 206x300 Mexican Phone Sex

I couldn’t think of a heading so I picked Mexican phone sex , after all I am Mexican and if you play with me it is phone sex. hehe.. Yeah, I am a weird little girl but you love me and you know it, I so love playing with all of you guys just so you know.

It is TURKEY DAY so HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all who celebrate it and for those who do not, happy Thursday to you and cum play with me today.

I want you to stuff your thermometer into my hot hole and see if I am done or not, mmm mm yummy.. My sweet latina treat is hot, wet and ready for some hard cock ,so please call me up for some hot Mexican phone sex .

Mexican phone sex

Ginger 866-6-Kitten


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Happy Thanksgiving Phone Sex

cammiec 204x300 Happy Thanksgiving Phone SexHappy Thanksgiving Phone Sex from all of us at the Kinky Kitten Klub. How about we play a little thankgiving of out own. I’ll lay down and you gobble gobble gobble my pussy till I cream. You can stuff me with your hard cock and fill me full of the cream all us girls really want for a holiday treat. Nothing is better then getting your cock drained into one of the Kinky Kitten Girls. Don’t be shy and call the best girls in town. Remember Thanksgiving Phone Sex is fat free.

Holdiay Phone Sex


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Kinky Phone Sex Role Plays

juniper9a Kinky Phone Sex Role Plays

This extreme teen has only one thing in mind during the Holiday season and that is how to make Kinky Phone Sex Role Plays even kinkier! I want to unleash the inner wild child and raise all kinds of havoc. As kinky as you want to get, tormenting the elders during Thanksgiving Feast and serving up the small children for desert. Forcing scat play on the not so nice in-laws, raping the small goodie two shoes of the neighborhood, to killing the unwanted guest and serving them later to the soup kitchens. So let us spice up this holiday with Kinky Phone Sex Role Plays and make them as Perverted, Crazy, and Freaky as we can!

Juniper, the Extreme Phone Sex Girl your Mamma warned you about!

1 855 833 6777

For more Extreme Teens, meet them in our Phone Sex Chat Room!

Phone Sex with Juniper Kicks Ass!



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Dark Man Meat Phone Sex

marletta3 240x300 Dark Man Meat Phone SexThis Thanksgiving, I don’t want any turkey, but I do have a craving for some Dark Man Meat Phone Sex. I need a really huge helping of those huge cocoa colored cocks. My pussy is wet and always hungry for that Big Black Cock Phone Sex. The color contrast of cream and chocolate is amazing and the man gravy is to die for. Do you want to watch me or hear me milk a huge BBC until his balls are drained dry? I hope so! give me a hefty helping of Dark Man Meat Phone Sex!

Big Black Cock Phone Sex



Bada Bing Phone Sex

Phone Sex Candyshop

Fetish Foxxx

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Ex Girlfriend Phone Sex

avrilc2 204x300 Ex Girlfriend Phone SexAround the holidays you head home and you might have Ex Girlfriend Phone Sex.  I gave the best head in High School and you were proud I was kind of yours – kind of.  But I treated you like shit and always cheated on you.  I liked when you would catch me cheating on you, but you would hide and not stop me as I got fucked or sucked off some other guy.  It got to the point where I would set it up just so you would have to see me.  When I would ‘find’ you moments after I had swallowed down a huge load, I would give you a deep tongue kiss and I’d feel your cock get hard in your pants as you would grind up against me from tasting that guys cum in my mouth.   I liked it when you would reach down my pants with your fingers and pull out another guys cum and taste it for me right after I fucked someone else.  You loved doing that.  You’d act upset, when it tasted different, but I know that you really loved it.  You’d get rough with me and we would fuck, and your cock would be churning the other guys cum out of my hole. You love other men’s cum pouring out of my pussy.  Find me at the bar this holiday and lets have some ex girlfriend phone sex.

Xo Avril oX

Ex Girlfriend Phone Sex


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Black Booty Phone Sex

Storm 61 209x300 Black Booty Phone Sex

Black Booty Phone Sex makes the world go round, just like my hot black ass bouncing up and down on your white dick !! Hell yeah fellas, I know you need you some Storm right now cause this girl knows how to rock it .

Ya’ll know what though, on black Friday cum visit your girl Storm while those crazy ass wives or gf’s are out shopping in the madness, we can be getting into all kinds of nasty and imma give you a special at that.

Anyone who calls this black girl on Black Friday and buys at least a 20min call I will give 10 mins free, the catch is you MUST find me in the chatroom , and I will be there with bells on from 1pm central til 11pm, come and get you some Black Booty Phone Sex .

Black Booty Phone Sex

Storm 866-6-Kitten



Extreme Ageplay, Accomplice Fantasies, Naughty School Girl, Tiny Teen Dominatrix Phone Sex? I do it all. I know how to open your mind and coax the forbidden fantasies out from deep inside you.

RavenPhoneSex121 300x246 Tiny Teen Dominatrix Phone Sex with Raven

I’m ready to mind fuck you into submitting to the hottest taboo teen fuck on the Internet. Nothing is off limits with me. I was always told I had an addictive personality… Just wait until your introduced to the most intoxicating habit available… I’m barely legal.. and it has nothing to do with my age *Giggles* Call me for Tiny Teen Dominatrix Phone Sex and let Princess Raven control your fantasies and your cock icon wink Tiny Teen Dominatrix Phone Sex with Raven

Taboo Teen Phone Sex

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Stocking fetish phone sex

gorgeous blonde teen1 200x300 Stocking fetish phone sex

Do you guys love stockings and Stocking fetish phone sex, well look no further as I am your girl to make you cum so hard by role playing something around me wearing stockings.

I really do love to tease you fetish guys and almost make you beg to fuck me or beg to cum for me, I am an evil little girl sometimes but I know that you love it.

Let me do a sexy dance for you and rub my stockings on your face, down your body and to your stiff cock, oh yes doesn’t that feel good guys? Do you want to roleplay something with me regarding stockings, I can put some on so lets have a Stocking fetish phone sex call.

Stocking fetish phone sex

Amelia – 866-6-Kitten

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