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gaiaa 204x300 Young Slutty Phone Sex Cousin Part II

Now that this Young Slutty Phone Sex Cousin is even hornier it was time to put the moves on my cousin, I acted real playful with him on the couch sitting really close to him as I continued to ask all those provocative questions about his sex life, touching his hair, his chest, rubbing my hands on his thighs. At first he was a little reserved and shied away but then finally as I became more vulgar he looked at me and was like “Dam girl, you have got a mouth on you,!” I just giggled and continued to flirt, I could tell he was beside himself “How did you get so fucking nasty?” he asked me with this blushing smile on his face, “little girls shouldn’t talk like that, where did learn this stuff?” I was like who cares where I learned it, but while we are bored why not let me show you why I am known as your Young Slutty Phone Sex Cousin!

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Young Slutty Phone Sex Cousin

gaiab 204x300 Young Slutty Phone Sex Cousin

I had to stay with my Aunt and her family while my parents were out of town and I figured it would be a pretty boring time, they are very religious and I assumed that my cousins who I did not know very well would be pretty dull compared to their Young Slutty Phone Sex Cousin. Most of the week I spent alone with my older cousin Adam, he was really hot, I would defiantly fuck him I thought to myself as he came to sit next to me on the couch. I knew he had a girl friend Jenny but I bet she has never been fucked him like I would! I was bored so I decided to drill him on his sex life asking him all kinds of questions; I knew no one would be home for a few hours and I was feeling really horny. I saw him blush a little and that made me, his Young Slutty Phone Sex Cousin even hornier!


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Pink Duct Tape Phone Sex

avrilc 204x300 Pink Duct Tape Phone SexYou came home with Pink Duct Tape Phone Sex and a slightly evil look in your eye. I had no idea what was in store for me.  I just went about my normal routine.  Later that night I was at the kitchen table you came up from behind me and stood there out of my vision.  One handed you take my arm, stand me up and give me a big sexy kiss.  But at that same moment you maneuver both my arms together as you spin me around like your are going to dance with me and I let you with no fear… until I realize that you’re getting rough with my wrists and I am already having them twisted together with some kind of tape.  Pink duct tape.  I look at you a little shocked but with a tentative smile.

“Up for a little rape role play baby?” you whisper gruffly in my ear, burying your face in my hair.

“You know I am big Daddy, ” I whisper back and bite your ear. We do  little light role play, but I had no idea that it was going to get this rough.

Then its on. A struggle and rolling sex fest which I inevitably will “lose”.  But I never make it easy on you. I immediately tear myself away with my hands bound and run through the house.  In shock you begin your chase like 5 seconds behind me .  You capture me the first time and fuck me for a few minutes on the stairs.   I may have a little rug burn on my neck.  I kick you off out of the blue just before you finish and tear up the stairs.  I am exceptionally spry.  You land me in the hallway and I wriggle away from you till I get halfway through the door before you are on me again.  You grab my bound wrists and drag me to the side of the bed. We are both out of breath and I am wincing because of my rug burns and the way you are throwing me around. I start to speak and again with the pink duct tape.  You put a line of it across so that it covers half my mouth, so I can still breathe really well, but can’t talk.  You are starting to kind of scare me.

You grab my hip and flip me and pull my ass up in the air.  My ass gets a stinging hard *SLAP*  that it followed by your rod pounding my ass balls deep. Oh christ this is more than I’m used to.  Your cock is too big for me.  Pounding harder and harder, your cock is getting huge inside me.  I’m tearing up because its too much to take and you’re smacking me and telling me what a whore I am. God , you sound so angry – like you hate me.   You pull out and spray your nut all across my ass and the small of my back.   Then as I collapse on my side you smear some of your cum across my cheek.

“That’s a good little bitch” as you stand over me with a smirk over your face.

I am so confused. I am waiting for you to cut me lose. This isn';t the way we usually play. I’m confused and waiting to get into the shower with you to clean up after our fun.  But instead, you are getting dressed and leaving me laying there. I am trying to call out to you in high pitched whines.  You are starting up the car in the driveway and you are gone.  You just left me lying there with your cum sprayed all over my skin and drying, aching, bound and in the dark.  You took advantage of my little whore body with Pink Duct Tape Phone Sex

Xo Avril oX

Pink Duct Tape Phone Sex


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Beastiality Phone Sex

Beastiality  phone sex- One thing I am very much into is playing with animals. And not in a nice way either. This little girl knows what it’s like to have a dog’s tongue lapping between her legs, and it feels SO good. I started this whenjulietteB3 Beastiality  Phone Sex I was really little when I noticed by boy dog kept sniffing my crotch and his cock would come out a little. So one day, while I was all alone, I decided to see what all he would do. And man did I love it. Let’s just say it involved peanut butter, my wet pussy, and a dog that I couldn’t push away. I haven’t gotten the nerve to let him fuck me yet. But I so want to and maybe you can help me out with it. I am sure a guiding hand would make the experience a lot better. Maybe even we can pick an animal for you to play with. Beastiality phone sex were I have a favorite horse that I love to suck off and make cum and want to share him with you.



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K-9 Phone Sex

ellison41 204x300 K 9 Phone Sex

I have a secret craving for K-9 phone sex. My pussy gets so wet thinking about getting kinky and twisted with you. I bet you would love to watch my big german shepard mount me wouldn’t you? I know just how to suck on that big doggie cock and make it pop right of that sheath so I can suck on that pink rocket. He’s getting so excited whining and trying to put his feet on me back already. I’m enjoying the feel of his dog cock sliding in and out of my mouth until he’s so hard and ready to fuck me. Then Ill lay face down on the edge of the bed so he can mount me and thrust that dog dick deep inside my tight little teen pussy. It feels so good being mounted by him I’m dripping all over him and he’s pumping it in and while we have k-9 phone sex.

K-9 Phone Sex


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Teen Tease Phone Sex

I became a teen tease phone sex slut – though I don’t guess it’s really teasing when you’re fucking both men and women every chance you can get. And, hey, look at my photos: Do you really think I have any trouble picking up any man or woman I want?   Now I’m pushingjulietteC5 Teen Tease Phone Sex the boundaries, and I’ve even moved on to occasional non-human fun. What do I mean by that, you ask? Let’s just say that I enjoyed my pet Great Dane a lot as a girl, and now I’ve become a passionate horse lover, if you know what I mean.  Just thinking of that big, wet, pink animal cock … *orgasmic shudder*  Don’t call me unless you’re prepared for the mindfucking teen tease phone sex of your life.

Juliett @ 1-866-6-KITTEN (



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Nigger Torture Phone Sex

hudson showing honey pot1 Nigger Torture Phone Sex

You need someone to humiliate and talk down to while you fuck them. Well calls me, for Nigger Torture Phone Sex. A man talking down to me and puttin me in my place is just what I need to get my pussy thumping and wet. I likes when that white cock lets me know I am a useless nigger bitch unless he using me, and abusing me daily. I want you to make me do any and everything to please you. No matter how degrading it may be I am here to serve and on my knees for Nigger Torture Phone Sex.

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Peeping in on Mommy Phone Sex

4 FUCK ME 216x300 Peeping in on Mommy Phone Sex

Peeping in on Mommy Phone Sex is exactly what happened on my night off last night when I came home from another date and I found out my daughter was watching me fuck when she was suppose to be asleep.  I met this guy a few weeks ago, and after I realized he loved to play with little girls as much as I do, we finally set up a date.

When I got home, we ended up in my bedroom, and when I had his cock down my throat I saw her in the doorway watching me suck him off. But instead of yelling at her, and putting her back to sleep, I did the truly pedophile thing, and I got right on his dick so that my little girl could watch mommy fuck and maybe learn a thing or too.  I whispered in his ear that my daughter was watching and having a little Peeping in on Mommy Phone Sex party of her own, and once he caught sight of my little girl in her pj’s, his cum exploded everywhere!

Fuck My Daughter Phone Sexaaliyah1x Peeping in on Mommy Phone Sex

Pedo MILF Phone Sex

Cuckold Housewife Phone Sex

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Dallas – age play phone sex

Dallas 161 Dallas   age play phone sex

Hey Daddy, wanna have some age play phone sex with this little cutie? I am only small but want to see what you have in your pants just for me. I will do whatever you want, and make that cock spew all over this smooth little cunt. This little baby wants to make Daddy happy, and age play phone sex gives you the chance to fuck that sweet little honey you have had your eye on.

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nell kinky kitten 5 Panyhose fetish phone sex with Nell

Lemme start out by sating happy Valentines day!

2985380k0sj8qnhgc Panyhose fetish phone sex with Nell

Panyhose fetish phone sex with Nell….I wonder… do you love looking at stockings just as much I do? They make me feel so sexy and feminine. Imagine my lace tops just below my milky thighs leading onto that silky g-string which will be so wet and ready for you. Feel my legs as they glide over yours, close your eyes and feel them as they produce the hottest sensation you can feel. If you love Panyhose fetish phone sex then I’m the woman for you.

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