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Sissy Slut Training Phone Sex

Poor pathetic sissy, you want to be just like me don’t you? That’s why you call me for sissy slut training phone sex. You don’t just want to worship me, I’m the epitome of what you want to be. Luscious silky hair, full round breasts with nipples that get so deliciously hard. You want my curves, my long shapely legs and of course you want my sweet pussy, don’t you?

Sissy Slut Training Phone Sex

You can’t be me, but you can be just like me. I can take you under my wing and show you how to be a sexy sensual goddess. I can teach you how to do your make up to give you that sensual feminine look. It’s not easy being a woman, all the maintenance that goes along with being the perfect goddess, but ff you’re craving feminization, if you can’t stand another minute with that disgusting penis, call me for sissy slut training phone sex, I’ll make you into the woman you really are, (or Goddess if you’re worthy.)

Goddess Terra

Forced Femme Phone Sex

Uncensored Sissy Slut Phone Sex Chatroom

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Cuckold Phone Sex


Cuckold phone sex for my favorites boys.   Lets go honey.  We are off to the bar to find me a nice piece of meat to play with.  Of course i want you to help me pick something new, something fresh and something that we are taking home tonight.  Buy me a drink, pick me out a few boy toys and sit your ass at the corner table to watch me dance, party and most importantly flirt.  When the time is right we will head home with my fun toy.  When we get home i will let you be my cock sucking fluffer.  Show me what kind of cock sucker you are.  get that fat dick nice and hard for me then sit back and watch as I get drilled like the cock craving whore that I am.  Watch how he makes me cum.  Watch how he gives me just what I need.  watch him give me what you just can’t.  Be a good little cuck boy and you just might get clean up duty again.  Cuckold Phone Sex is just what you need.

Cuckold Phone Sex

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 Teacher Student Phone Sex Obsession Gaia_student

I can no longer control my Teacher Student Phone Sex Obsession, all I do is think of him day and night. Our secret affair began as I seductively seduced him into doing me one night after a dance he was chaperoning. The night could not have been more perfect, our eyes said it all, we did not need to speak a word I could see him grow more anxious each time I would dance with another guy, he desperately wanted it to be him so I allured him down the hall to an empty office and he and I had wild passionate sex. But the night was over all too fast and I was far from finished, I wanted him again and again, I could not get enough. He wanted it all to just go away, knowing the consequences but I was not going away, he would not get off that easy (hehe). He would find me in the most precarious situations and be unable to refuse me. In fact he would have to contend with my Teacher Student Phone Sex Obsession for another three years!


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Teacher Student Phone Sex is happening now in chat!

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Wet T Shirt Contest Phone Sex

AllieteasetopLike * OMG* Tonight is the big night breaking into Spring the right way with a Wet T Shirt Contest Phone Sex showdown!! All my friends are going to be there and all their dads of course.. Ummm who else would we have to judge the party but the dirty old men who pay the high price for us being coed phone sex sluts..

These perky tits are like fund raising machines when those dirty old phone sex men see our tight bodies and then hose us down with their drinks of choice.. The winner every year gets a hard core fuck by the row team while the dirty old men watch and stroke, after all their holes have been filled and they are nice and sloppy its the old guys turns, and that’s where the fun really starts..

You now I got this feeling in the pit of my lil clitty I am getting banged hard tonight, you now I am a born winner!!! *giggles* Don’t you want to see for yourself who the Wet T Shirt Contest Phone Sex winner is? Call me!!

College Co Ed Phone Sex
Uncensored Teen Tease Phone Sex Chat Room

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nell_kinky_kitten (34)Ever since I was turned on to big phone sex cock I have been a Mature Cuckolding Phone Sex MILF. Seem I have always been on the kinky side but never really got to enjoy myself like I should have when I was married.

Sure we did the swinging thing and I discovered my true passion.. Incest phone sex and cuckolding phone sex. When I saw a big black phone sex cock for the first time I was ruined from then on, that very night I had my husband hard, horny, and on his knees sucking and fucking that black dick and getting it ready for my pussy..

Years have gone by , and I have forced many guys to suck and cuck for me…but this overwhelming need for me to be a  Mature Cuckolding Phone Sex MILF  has never faded away! You need to be my cuck slut, don’t you sexy?

Cuckolding Phone Sex MILF Hottie
Nell 1-866-654-8836
Uncensored Milf Incest Phone Sex Chat Room


You love your phone time with me playing naughty daddy’s little girl phone sex.

Your mouth waters as I walk around in my short little skirts and tight tops to show off my perky little titties just for you.  Our special play time is so much fun, just the thought of it makes me squirm a bit.  You love helping me in the bubble bath, getting me nice and clean all over. And when you help me out to dry off, you always have a tasty treat waiting for me.  I love it when you tongue my pussy to get it wet and then slide your big cock right inside.  I am your special little princess and you LOVE to shower me with your love.  I always have such a sweet tasty time with my daddy. Do you want to play naughty daddy’s little girl phone sex with me too?

Naughty Daddy’s Little Girl Phone Sex

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Cuckold Humiliation Phone SexI had a caller on the phone last night that was begging me for cuckold humiliation phone sex to humiliate him, to degrade him and violate him in every way possible. I was more than happy to grant his wish after I found out what was so embarressing about him. He confessed his cock was less than 3 inches hard and he knew his wife was cheating on him. How did he know? Because the loser jacked off in his wife’s dirty panties.

The poor pathetic fuck can barely cum. Just a few drops of cum escape his worthless dick. I encouraged him to bring his wife in on the call, so I could properly humiliate him 😉

I suggested she fuck a man that could show her husband what a real dick looks like and how a real man fucks. I mean if he was lucky, he’s get to clean her cum filled pussy afterwards. Call me for cuckold humiliation phone sex cuckie, tell me your sad sad story *Grins*



Cream Pie Phone Sex 

Naughty and Delightful Phone Sex Chatroom!

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Mommy’s Baby Boy Phone Sex

Mommy’s Baby Boy Phone SexI just had mommy’s baby boy phone sex and it was hot!  My little boy thought that he could plant his seed in mommy but I couldn’t see how such a teeny tiny wee wee like that could every get it far enough in there to get mommy pregnant.  I have always been a phone sex pedo mommy so I really didn’t mind having sex with my own little baby son.  Oh and he loved pounding mommies sweet spot with his hard little pinky!  But what I didn’t expect was for when my boy came…he came and came and just kept on cumming! There was cum spilling out of my pussy for hours after he was done.  I always love having sex with my kids but when mommy’s baby boy phone sex leaves me with a bun in the oven that’s just a bonus.

Mommy’s Baby Boy Phone Sex


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Getting Fucked By The Tailor

My older sister is getting married and I’m going to be one of her bridesmaids so I had to go get fitted for the sexy floor length burgandy gowns she was having us all wear. Instead of the usual seamstress being there when I went for my fitting her son was filling it and man was he incredibly hot. I didn’t mind at all having to strip down to my bra and panties for him and he looked pretty surprised to see that a hot teen like me was the one with the appointment. It was after hours and the shop was closed to the public so we were all alone.

When I walked around the curtain just wearing my tiny little thong and push up bra his mouth fell open and he was speechless. I could see his cock starting to strain against the front of his slacks and I couldn’t help but run my hand down his strong chest and down to that massive bulge. I couldn’t let him rip such an expensive pair of slacks so I slid the zipper down and watched his big thick cock pop out into my hand. I dropped to my knees and started sucking him without saying a word. Feeling him twitch and throb in my mouth was the most amazing feeling. My pussy started dripping and I begged him to fuck me. I guess that was all he was waiting to hear cause he unhooked my bra slid my panties down and lifted me up to wrap my legs around his waist as he thrust that magnificent cock deep within my tight wet warm cunt.

Call your horny teen Charlee at: 1-866-654-8836

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Rates are $2 per minute within the U.S. and $2.50 per minute outside of the U.S.

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Kinky Phone Sex

kinky black girls

Ya’ll ready for some kinky phone sex with ya girl Storm today, I know you looking for a nice sweet and young chocolate diva to take you over the edge , making you cum and drain those full balls.. Ya’ll know how I do and those who don’t need to learn how I do so you will be coming for more.

My sweet black ass loves it kinky, dirty, and really taboo as you want to get with me, nothing is ever off limits. I can be your sweet little nigga slave serving you like a good nigga should, and just know I do love to serve my Massa.

Twist it up turn it around anything you want to do I am down for, I do it top to bottom and back, inside and out.. I’m your chocolate Diva who does taboo from A to Z, and I promise I never say no to your fantasies, so hit me up for some kinky phone sex.

kinky phone sex

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