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kellen_pulling_down_pantiesWould you like to spank my naughty teen ass? I’ve been a very bad girl! When you call me for a barely legal taboo phone sex call you should just punish and tie me up and fuck me in all of my holes. Maybe I could be the babysitter and you could come home early catching me watching porn on your computer with my hand in my panties. I know I am such a nasty girl doing that while the kids are asleep but I was thinking about you! I got so wet and horny thinking of you licking my tight, pink pussy, me sucking your dick and taking it deep down my throat and sticking that hard cock inside my cunt filling it with your hot creamy cum! I am the biggest cumwhore! I love cum in all my holes! Have you thought about doing all this with me too? We would have so much fun!

I love barely legal phone sex fantasies, don’t you? If so, I’m your girl! Anything goes with this young perverted girl. Whatever kinky or taboo fantasies you have we can roleplay or talk about them together on our coed phone sex call. Call me and I will tell you about all my taboo experiences I have had with this and many other naughty things. I want to get that cock rock hard! I can’t wait to make you cum using my teeny tiny barely legal coed pussy. It is so smooth shaved and ready for you to pound!



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JuneI had a really hot Role-Play Phone Sex call with my toy the other night! He took advantage of our current special (united states only dudes sorry) do an extended-version of the babysitter fantasy. We started out with me interviewing for the job, but things didn’t really heat until he told me that he wasn’t going to hire me.

As a Phone Sex Teen, I really needed a good summer job, so I didn’t want to take “no” for an answer. When I tried to object, he asked me, “What makes you so special, Juney Bug, because so far, you’re just like every other girl I’ve interviewed today.” I started to tell him about my good grades, my extracurricular school activities, and my charity work, but it wasn’t impressing him. So, I was getting desperate and I was about to start begging when I said, “What can I do to set myself apart? How can I prove to you how important this job is to me?”

That’s when he gave me a look and said, “You know, June, you’re a very pretty girl.” At first, I wasn’t sure what he wanted but when he put his hand on my knee, his intentions became very clear. I really wanted the job and he was pretty hot even if he was an older guy, so I said, “I really will do anything to get this job.” and I slid his hand up my thigh. At this point, things really started to get hot!

So, if you’re looking for a hot teen for a naughty role-play fantasy, give me a call because I’m a No Limits Phone Sex teen and I’d love to fulfill your role-play fantasy! Are you ready for a hot  Role-Play Phone Sex?

Role-Play Phone Sex

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I am that kinky Mommy to guide you in all those hot incest fantasies that you crave. I am that nanny phone sex whore Naughty nurse phone sex fun with Nellready to tease and abuse use you like my fuck toy. I also am a nasty babysitter who loves accomplice play I can make all those twisted desires you want come alive.

I have been secretly thinking about you while I watched you grow into a strong young man. I may have been ten years older then, but wow I have had some very naughty thoughts creeping in my head of you! Now that your moved out and there is no more work for me I am looking for someone to have role play phone sex with while I am home alone at night.

Well darling, no need to keep doors closed or secretly jerk off anymore. I would be more then happy to teach you how to please a woman and relieve your MILF phone sex tensions! I will keep your cock hard and your mind wanting more. I love a nice hard cock and will drive you wild with lust. I am kinky and ready to play!

Well darling, no need to keep doors closed or secretly jerk off anymore. I would be more then happy to teach you how to please a woman and relieve your MILF phone sex tensions! I will keep your cock hard and your mind wanting more. I love a nice hard cock and will drive you wild with lust. I am kinky and ready to play!

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babyI totally enjoy kinky ABDL fetish fantasies and the adult baby phone sex fantasy I had with a caller this week was so fun I couldn’t wait to talk about it. I was a coed at the community college and was offered a chance to earn some extra course credits for helping out the head of the Science Department. Science is not one of my favorite subjects so I could use all the help I could get there. That’s how our baby sitter phone sex fantasy began and when I walked in the door, I couldn’t believe what I saw. His house was set up like a day care center with a huge crib in the center of the room complete with a mobile hanging over the center of the crib. There was a high chair big enough for him to sit in, extra large size toys for him to play with and an old fashioned gray Nanny uniform for me to wear that was extra short and very low cut to show off my cleavage. We played games with the blocks, rolled the big ball back and forth and I rocked him in the huge rocking chair when I read his favorite Dr. Seuss books to him. It was awesome! Adult baby fetish play is so much fun and the way he described his fantasy house was so vivid it was easy to picture being there with him.

I’m a kinky girl with no limits for all of our taboo phone sex fantasies. I’ll do absolutely any role play you want in our private play time. Call and tell me your kinky ABDL fetish fantasies!

kinky ABDL fetish fantasies

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yoga pants phone sex, teen babysitter phone sex,braceface phone sex, teen phone sex, public fucking phone sex. park phone sex, older men phone sexYour wife is so jealous of your naughty teen babysitter phone sex. *Giggles* My body is so tight and young and Im always smiling at you with my braceface because I know what you are thinking! You are thinking about hurrying up with your boring “date night” so that you can drive me home alone. You always make sure the wife drinks at least four glasses of wine just so you are ensured to be my ride! Your cock gets hard over and over under the table at dinner. You are so tired of this bitch and her sloppy hanging tits and saggy old ass and stretched out cunt. You dream of tight honeyholes of a blonde little high school cheerleader all through dinner and a movie. You have to excuse yourself during the movie to jack off in the bathroom stall because your heart is racing for our rendezvous. You would cum so fast once I started sucking you off if you didnt get this nut out of the way! You wouldnt make it to my fertile tiny teen cunt. Noone wants that 😛 After you drop her off and walk her upstairs, I am already in the truck. My yoga pants are so tight and hug my puffy cameltoe. You almost bust as soon as I start sliding my hands over your cock thru your dress pants. Jesus, your fat cunt wife is NOT doing it for ya , huh? Those kids must have stretched her pussy all the way out!  Tell me  how much you cum for me when Im not around. You think of me at work and in the shower. You picture my face as long as you have to try to fuck her. Not that she is EVER in the mood. What a fucking drag she is. My tight teen cunny is ready to milk you baby! Im in shape in every way and all of me is dripping wet for you. I am such a brace face tease! We pull off to the usual spot and you tie me up with your belt and lick every inch of me. Lets continue this naughty teen babysitter phone sex adventure now!

Teen Puffy Cameltoe Phone Sex

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Flower Play 3Many of you know how much I love to babysit during the days and even take part in having Daddy and the BABYSITTER Phone sex with all of the married men that hire me. Sooooo many of these guys have adorable little kids and loveless marriages where their wives ignore them. That’s why I always feel it is so much fun for me to flirt with the men that hire me while I am watching their kids. I do simple things like wear short skirts with no panties, walk in on them while they’re in the shower, and even walk around naked for them to see me while I leave my panties in there briefcase. Most men can’t resist a seductive girl like me showing off naked body while their wives are away. I know it’s wrong to seduce a married man with my young teen pussy, but I can’t help loving mature cock and craving all of that warm cum. Daddy and the BABYSITTER Phone sex gives each man the opportunity to get wild and freaky with me while I watch their kids and maybe even have them join in too.

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I have been known tojuliette phone sex suck off a dad or two on the kinky rides home from been a nympho babysitter dad phone sex slut. Little do they know I have been fondling and fucking their little boys and girls while they were out. PhoneSexI am a molester, but a hot sexy nanny, as I like to call myself, LOL. The Daddy’s like it too, more than once a Daddy has come home and I have had their son’s cock in my mouth, there is just something about that little boys cock and balls, both going into my mouth at once, damn. I am a cock sucking cum junkie. I know how to make you cum Daddy. To probe their tiny holes, to gag and bind them, you know daddy stand there and jerked one off while he watched me entertain him with my live molestation acts as a nympho babysitter dad phone sex girl.

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i am a very bad girl into young babysitter phonesex. I enjoy teasing older men. I understand their desires for taboo young fun. I never tell the wives. I become a guilty little secret. We can play twisted ageplay games. I will be the young teen that looks after your kids. You decide to have a late night and ask if i can sleep over. When you get home you are alone. Your wife is out of town. I stay up watching porn videos with you. We have a few drinks and you kiss me. You tell me that I am beautiful and you want to taste my bald pussy. I let you molest me and I enjoy it very much.You get very rough and tell me I deserve to be punished.I am a naughty girl and you can’t resist me. I am ready to get nasty! I offer taboo talk. Try me for young babysitter phonesex.

Ageplay Phonesex


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I want to be your Accomplice Phone Sex slut.

I have the perfect little present for your hard dick.  It is a little girl that is just perfect for you to play with.  I have her hair tied up in pigtails, curls bouncing around her tiny face.  Pure white panties are on under a cute little sundress that you can easily rip off.  Isn’t she your ideal little toy?  A precious innocent little pussy for you to abuse.  I know you can’t get enough of them.  I will bring you my never ending supply.  I am your favorite accomplice phone sex slut.  I bring you exactly what your imagination craves, what the hard cock of yours truly needs to get off.  You can have this perfect little preteen if you desire, and I know deep down you do.  I know you crave her body under you, squirming and crying as you use her.  So call me up and let’s have some Accomplice Phone Sex fun!


Accomplice Phone Sex

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We can have so much fun together during teen babysitter phonesex! I will be that naughty girl that comes over to babysit and you have a complete and lust for me. I tease and flirt with you while your wife is away. You offer me more work and I see you a few times a week. I love wearing short skirts to tease you. Finally one day I walk in on you jerking off in the bedroom. You tell me that I caused the erection and I need to finish you off. You are quite forceful. I really like being made to be your fuck dolly. You make me suck your cock and fill my mouth with sperm. I like being used and abused by a horny daddy. I will be your teen dream and make you feel alive with all the hot fantasies that we can act out!! I offer ageplay fun talk with no limits. Try me for teen babysitter phonesex.

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