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Kellen11 204x300 Daddy listens to me tinkle phone sexLast night, I realized that Daddy listens to me tinkle phone sex! I had just finished drinking a huge sports hydration drink and was settling down on the sofa to watch hello kitty when I realized I really really had to go! The urge was so horrible. It felt like my tummy was cramping I had to go so bad! I jumped up and potty danced all the way to the bathroom. Once in there I realized daddy was on the other side of the door! I couldn’t go potty with him being there! He would hear me tinkle! I was so beyond embarrassed! Daddy said for me to just go that it would be ok. I still couldn’t go though icon sad Daddy listens to me tinkle phone sex I couldn’t imagine Daddy hearing the splashing of the water as my pee pee hit it. Finally though the urge was just too darn much! I pulled down my white cotton panties and with a bright red face I sat down on the toilet.. Then I let my stream loose. It felt so good to finally go potty! I had waited until I was almost to the point of having an accident! All because of Daddy! Well I realized that  Daddy listens to me tinkle phone sex! ~Kellen~


 Daddy listens to me tinkle phone sex


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kellen hippe blouse 220x300  invited my boyfriend to come over phone sex   I thought my daddy had gone out of town for the night, so I invited my boyfriend to come over phone sex. When he arrived I had dinner on the table, we ate by candle light then snuggled in for a movie. We did not watch too much of the movie, both of our minds were elsewhere.

My boyfriend ran his hand up my bare leg to the hem of my jean skirt, when he got there he looked into my eyes and passionately kissed my plump lips. His hand moved further up my leg under my skirt, until he felt my cotton panties. Using two fingers he gently caressed my clitthrough my panties, until a wet spot had formed on them.

I slid my hand under the waist of his jeans and rubbed his cock until it grew very hard. His head fell down to my chest, with his teeth he unbuttoned my shirt, exposing my red lace bra which held my tits perfectly. That is when it happened, the back door opened and in walked my daddy. My boyfriend jumped up and ran out of the house. My daddystood there just looking at me, my shirt undone and my skirt pulled up around my hips. He shook his head and I knew I would be in trouble for this.   I knew i never should have  invited my boyfriend to come over phone sex!


 invited my boyfriend to come over phone sex


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mk5 225x300 Pretty Puppy Phone Sex

Daddy got me a Pretty Puppy Phone Sex! 

Daddy thought we needed a new doggie to play with, so he got a pretty black lab just for me!  Daddy says that when the puppy gets older he will teach me to be a good bitch.  Daddy likes it right now when I spread my cute pussy wide and lets our puppy lick it.  He loves to lick it all the time! *giggles* His tongue feels amazing whenever it brushes my little clit.

I wonder what it will feel like to have that doggy cock in me.  He is already trying to mount me!  I just sit on my hands and knees and our puppy comes right up behind me and humps me.  Just imagine that dog dick going into my tight slit, imagine that rough fucking he will give your little girl.

I can’t wait to feel him knot up in me while you fuck my face Daddy! I can’t wait for Pretty Puppy Phone Sex!

K-9 Fun Phone Sex

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liva Incest Pedo Daddy Phone SexAs a little girl I always adored my daddy. He was my hero and I always felt safe in his arms. He would come in and cuddle with me every night and tell me just how much he loved me…and he showed it through Incest Pedo Daddy Phone Sex.

Once mommy was asleep…and the house was all quiet, daddy would sneak into my room and sit on the edge of my bed. I would feel the covers move a bit and his big warm hand rest on my leg. I loved getting rubs from daddy…he made me feel so good. He’d slide his hand up my nighty and rub my little belly and chest too. Tickling between my legs while he undid his pants and showed me how much I make him happy.

His cock as he calls it is so big and hard…and that is because I make him happy. He would then rub it on my legs and my peepee and have me kiss it and lick it like a lolly. So many more things happened with Incest Pedo Daddy Phone Sex… if you want to hear more, or be my daddy…please call me! icon smile Incest Pedo Daddy Phone Sex


Incest Pedo Daddy Phone Sex


Uncensored Phone Sex Chatroom

If you are a daddy and want some hot pussy then call me for Rape Toy Phone Sex.  My daddy taught me well when I was young; he made me take big cock when I was little.  He liked to rape me a lot too, when I was taking a shower or sleeping, when I didn’t expect it.  I was his personal raping toy, I learned to obey him.  But he liked it when I cried and screamed for him to stop; daddy always likes to rape his little girl.  If you want to rape me too, then call me for Rape Toy Phone Sex.


Naughty Daddy Phone Sex

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dirty daddy phonesex Dirty Daddy Phonesex

What I really need tonight is some dirty daddy phonesex. I need a man who can take over and and the the daddy that comes into my room tonight to tuck me in, and then fucks me instead! I need to be used like a good little slut and made to be daddy’s personal little fuck toy. This is what makes me feel useful and like I have a purpose! Because my purpose in life is to make you happy daddy. I’m ONLY happy if you’re happy, and in order for me to make you happy we need to have some dirty daddy phonesex now! icon wink Dirty Daddy Phonesex


Incest Phonesex

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Londn Peek a Boo 166x300 Exam Table Phone Sex

My yearly Exam Table Phone Sex on a monthly basis.  My visits to my favorite doc is often for a reason.  My doc owns his practice and love tenders like me.  I’ve even brought my hot girlfriends for free examinations after hours for him.  He rewards me with his cock and wallet.  His exam table is where t the action begins.  Hie would have us undress and start with the breast exam, feeling each very carefully and sometimes harshly to rate our intake of pain.  Squeezing each nipple.  Then the tongue examination begins with nipple biting.  Oh so nice.  The probing of his cock is what I look forward to.  He would use his cock to examine the insides of my pussy.  Feeling for anything abnormal.  I love the Exam Table Phone Sex.

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jersey19 Teen Accomplice Phone SexDaddy likes getting playtime with his teen accomplice phone sex. I love bringing him young girls to play with and even my little sister. It is so much fun watching and helping him. I love spreading her little lips and legs for men to play with her. That cute little pee pee and asshole. I love playing with them and would love for you to play with me too. Do you want to experience teen accomplice phone sex with me, call me.

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Accomplice Phone Sex



aHR0cDovL3d3dy55b3VyZGFpbHlnaXJscy5jb20vZ2FsbGVyaWVzL3hfYXJ0XzEwMC94X2FydF8xMDBfMDA1LmpwZw 300x198 Pedo Cock Daddy Phone SexI spoke to a true pedo daddy tonight and we had so much fun with Pedo Cock Daddy Phone Sex that I’m still thinking about it.  I started out by telling him about my little preteen daughter and what she looked like and how adorable she is.  He got nice and hard hearing about her tight, soft and milky white little pussy lips and how good they would look wrapped around his cock.  My pedo daddy also told me about how hot it would be to have my little girl gag on his cock while I suck the cum out of her tight little pussy so that I can taste them both on my tongue.  Are you a PEDO DADDY?  If so then call me for the best Pedo Cock Daddy Phone Sex you will ever have with a sexy milf like me!

Pedo Pussy Phone Sex

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breen1 204x300 Fuck Whore Phone Sex

Are you in need of a Fuck Whore Phone Sex?  I am so in need of getting fucked right now.  Totally woke up reaching for my dildo, but in need of the real thing.  A big fat beer can cock extra tall.  Dick is so long, it can’t fit all the way in without puncturing my stomach.  Those are the kinds of cocks I’m in the mood for.  Hardcore fucking with plenty of pain.  This cock I’m thinking about must have a load full of cum.  I don’t want to just taste it, I want to drink it.  Feeling him pump what it can get into my small mouth and explode making me gag for air.  Him forcing me to take it in deeper and suck harder.  Cum be my Fuck Whore Phone Sex baby.

Your Fuck Whore


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