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kellen_picture_in_backgroundIt really is a tough life being attracted to phone sex that which you shouldn’t touch or experience isn’t it? For many men though, this is exactly the case, and is why they come to us for taboo sex. They wish only to live out the fantasy of fucking a young, underage girl without the repercussion of judgment.

So many men crave the cloven peach and can clearly see the young dove of their dreams swaddled in blankets in the late evening hours. Wife asleep, they come in quietly and, attempting not to disturb her slumber, hoping that it takes only one touch of her tender nubile flesh to bring off that amazing feeling down below. His cock thickens!

The surprise reveals itself that she is attracted to and then of course it is all her fault that you become lovers within the course of a few minutes alone. She takes you to her bed and makes you her lover and she is but the tender young age of …….. She has awkward kisses and a quivering little mouth that make you swoon and further addict you… addict you to her tiny little soft silky flesh. Those little puffy nipples just starting to bud. Budding just for daddy to suckle on…

Cum crawl in my bed daddy… I have on my new barbie jammies…with no panties on… just white lace sockies

I know just what daddy needs.. I know what daddy is attracted to phone sex

attracted to phone sex

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Kellen21My Daddy loves me so much! He decided since I did not get anything less than an A on my last report card that I was going to go out with him. I went on a Pizza Date With Daddy and Phone Sex.  He took me out first to buy me the sluttiest little outfit you can imagine. Little short black lycra skirt to go over my hot pink boy shorts panties. A pair of HUGE healed sandals AND a tight tight tight black pleather spaghetti strap shirt that showed off my pretty titties perfectly! I topped that off with a matching hot pink doggy collar and I was ready to go! We went to go get pizza at a local mom and pop store. It is my favorite place. Mainly because the back booths are kinda dark and seedy feeling. kellenI have sucked a TON of cock under these booths and no one has ever even noticed. Daddy and I sat on the same side as each other so he could put his arm around me and snuggle me as I put my head on his chest. Slowly opening my legs letting his fingers trace over the hot pink lace of my panties. He could feel the heat from my pussy. It was so wet! I started to take my hand down daddy’s chest to grab his big fat hard cock but the waiter came :( As soon as the waiter took our order Daddy came next :) I LOVE having a Pizza Date With Daddy and Phone Sex!!

Pizza Date With Daddy and Phone Sex

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kellen_back_chair_assDaddy Taught Me What Lil Girls Like Me Are Good For Phone Sex. You see Daddy knows all little things like me are only good for one thing. Their ittle bitty genitals. Those small little things are made for the pleasure of men only. Thats why they are so small and tiny.  He taught me how I should never ever fight when a grown man tries to use my genitals for pleasure. That is their right. I am here only for the pleasure of grown me. I have learned and accepted my role. Although sometimes I still cry and beg Daddy and his friends to stop. They never ever will though. If they do not cum in my little tiny genitals they all cum in a giant bowl. Daddy likes to take that giant bowl and spoon feed me. He spoon feeds me all the spermies and makes me swallow them and tell him just how much I love eating spermies. My Daddy Taught Me What Lil Girls Like Me Are Good For Phone Sex! ~Kellen~

Daddy Taught Me What Lil Girls Like Me Are Good For Phone Sex

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Adorable Me 9

Bad little girls like me always end up having Daddy likes to Molest Me Phone Sex with their fathers. Daddy always seems to love adorable young little girls that tight have little pink pussies for fucking. Daddy tells me what a beautiful little princess I am and how he loves it when I turn into his dirty little cum slut. Cum sluts like me are hard to come by daddy says, so that is why he always feels the need to sneak into my room at night and molest his adorable little daughter. Most pedo daddies do not get the opportunity to fuck or touch their little girls in the erotic way that they want to. That’s why daddy says how lucky he is to have me. He feels so lucky to have an adorable little daughter that loves to please her daddy and do whatever it takes to make his cock explode. Because that’s what I am for my daddy, when he likes have Daddy likes to Molest Me Phone Sex, I’m in the mood to drain his cock.

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Silver Foxes are a sure fire way to this nymph’s heart! Older Men with Baby Girls Phone Sex gets me going each and every time without fail! I just got off a call from this amazing Silver Fox with a rock hard cock. He’s in his 50s and I know he would treat me like a princess … and a slutty whore. There is just something so exotic about an older man. His maturity will certainly get my panties dripping. I love a good wholesome family man that just wants a little piece on the side. I can definitely be that little piece! I will make sure you worship you and your body without hesitation. Don’t let my sweet smile fool you! I will do everything from riding your silver-haired face to riding your cock in the front seat of your car! Let me be your young little secret! I would like nothing more than to have Older Men with Baby Girls Phone Sex!

I need a silver fox!
Come be my daddy!

Kellen11He was so happy to see me after a long summer apart. He is my favorite daddy phone sex! He always pampers me like a pretty little Princess. I met him last year and ever since we usually see each other a few times a week. He had to go away for business this summer. I was really sad. It took a lot of men to fill his shoes. *giggles* He encouraged me to fuck as many guys as I could while he was gone. He knows that I am so addicted to his fucking that I will always be back. He likes to bend me over and spank me. Sometimes when I have been really bad he will get out his riding crop to spank me with. It stings but it really makes my little cunnie drip. After he is done he fucks all of my holes until I am completely out of breath and almost limp. Then he squirts right inside of me. He came back from his trip yesterday and I am walking funny today! He abused my little cunt all day yesterday. Do you want to make me cum even more? Will you be my new my favorite daddy phone sex!? ~Kellen~

my favorite daddy phone sex!

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Flower Play 3Many of you know how much I love to babysit during the days and even take part in having Daddy and the BABYSITTER Phone sex with all of the married men that hire me. Sooooo many of these guys have adorable little kids and loveless marriages where their wives ignore them. That’s why I always feel it is so much fun for me to flirt with the men that hire me while I am watching their kids. I do simple things like wear short skirts with no panties, walk in on them while they’re in the shower, and even walk around naked for them to see me while I leave my panties in there briefcase. Most men can’t resist a seductive girl like me showing off naked body while their wives are away. I know it’s wrong to seduce a married man with my young teen pussy, but I can’t help loving mature cock and craving all of that warm cum. Daddy and the BABYSITTER Phone sex gives each man the opportunity to get wild and freaky with me while I watch their kids and maybe even have them join in too.

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Kellen11Last night, I realized that Daddy listens to me tinkle phone sex! I had just finished drinking a huge sports hydration drink and was settling down on the sofa to watch hello kitty when I realized I really really had to go! The urge was so horrible. It felt like my tummy was cramping I had to go so bad! I jumped up and potty danced all the way to the bathroom. Once in there I realized daddy was on the other side of the door! I couldn’t go potty with him being there! He would hear me tinkle! I was so beyond embarrassed! Daddy said for me to just go that it would be ok. I still couldn’t go though :( I couldn’t imagine Daddy hearing the splashing of the water as my pee pee hit it. Finally though the urge was just too darn much! I pulled down my white cotton panties and with a bright red face I sat down on the toilet.. Then I let my stream loose. It felt so good to finally go potty! I had waited until I was almost to the point of having an accident! All because of Daddy! Well I realized that  Daddy listens to me tinkle phone sex! ~Kellen~


 Daddy listens to me tinkle phone sex


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kellen_hippe_blouse   I thought my daddy had gone out of town for the night, so I invited my boyfriend to come over phone sex. When he arrived I had dinner on the table, we ate by candle light then snuggled in for a movie. We did not watch too much of the movie, both of our minds were elsewhere.

My boyfriend ran his hand up my bare leg to the hem of my jean skirt, when he got there he looked into my eyes and passionately kissed my plump lips. His hand moved further up my leg under my skirt, until he felt my cotton panties. Using two fingers he gently caressed my clitthrough my panties, until a wet spot had formed on them.

I slid my hand under the waist of his jeans and rubbed his cock until it grew very hard. His head fell down to my chest, with his teeth he unbuttoned my shirt, exposing my red lace bra which held my tits perfectly. That is when it happened, the back door opened and in walked my daddy. My boyfriend jumped up and ran out of the house. My daddystood there just looking at me, my shirt undone and my skirt pulled up around my hips. He shook his head and I knew I would be in trouble for this.   I knew i never should have  invited my boyfriend to come over phone sex!


 invited my boyfriend to come over phone sex


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Daddy got me a Pretty Puppy Phone Sex! 

Daddy thought we needed a new doggie to play with, so he got a pretty black lab just for me!  Daddy says that when the puppy gets older he will teach me to be a good bitch.  Daddy likes it right now when I spread my cute pussy wide and lets our puppy lick it.  He loves to lick it all the time! *giggles* His tongue feels amazing whenever it brushes my little clit.

I wonder what it will feel like to have that doggy cock in me.  He is already trying to mount me!  I just sit on my hands and knees and our puppy comes right up behind me and humps me.  Just imagine that dog dick going into my tight slit, imagine that rough fucking he will give your little girl.

I can’t wait to feel him knot up in me while you fuck my face Daddy! I can’t wait for Pretty Puppy Phone Sex!

K-9 Fun Phone Sex

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