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I'm Cookie, and I am queen of the hot teen phone sex bitches. I've been around sex my whole life, having grown up with my mom working at the massage parlor on the Interstate, one that both the horny truckers and the "respectable community leaders" came to.

My mom was beautiful, the textbook exotic beauty; everyone says I look just like her, that we look more like sisters than a mother and daughter. ALL the men loved her tight little pussy and ass, and she always did everything she could to make her clients happy. Even if it was bringing me in for a threesome or orgy and letting them fuck my mouth, my twat and my tight, hot little asshole.

I've grown up and have my own life now, and it's a lot different. Now I like to be the one in charge. I love getting all my little girl holes filled with hot dick, but once I grew up and moved away, I promised myself I would NEVER be submissive to a man again. I am a true B-I-T-C-H, and I'm proud of it. I love to bring a man to his knees and watch him whimper and cry like a pathetic little cunt, begging me to torture him. CBT is my favorite, though full body torture and extreme physical and psychological humiliation is also deliciously nasty.

I may be young, but don't let my age fool you; I am VERY experienced and have broken the most "manly men"; I won't stop until I've made you mine. If you're looking for the ultimate in hardcore Asian domme phone sex, look for me in our free chat room or call and ask for COOKIE. You will not be disappointed. I know how to treat a man and when your "treatment" is over, you'll be a pile of quivering flesh. All you'll be able to do is beg for more.

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