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I'm Emma--, the happy little homemaker who's also a happy little home wrecker! Because of that, I have no female friends, but I don't mind. I enjoy fucking their sons and husbands way to much to sniffle over any lost so-called friends. I think female friendship is waaaaay overrated. Dick, on the other hand, is never overrated with me. I don't think I can get enough dick - whether in person or on the phone.

Thank god I have a great bod and gorgeous face so I can get as much dick as I possibly can. I don't care about who belongs to who - if he's got a dick and decent looking, I want him - lol! I fuck repairmen, neighbor's husbands, friend's husbands, my stepdads and their fishing buddies (all at once), even a couple missionaries.

Oooh, and let me tell you about those missionaries. They came to my door trying to convert me and they looked so squeaky clean I just had to make them squeak! I knew they were virgins, and I love seducing virgins. So I worked a little of my seductive charm and they came back the next day to try to "convert" me. The thing is, I was converting them to the dark side - lol! Needless to say, it didn't take long before I was taking their virginity and they were spraying their missionary cum all up inside my pussy. The next few dozen times they came by, they weren't in the missionary mood. The only missionary on their mind was the missionary position (and several other positions I taught them)!

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