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I'm Gaia, and I am a purr~fect new addition to the Kinky Kitten Klub!

I have been told that I have very hypnotic eyes that along with my spellbinding personality have lured many of men into my den. My pussy is always wet and ready for an adventure and I have yet to encounter a theme not to my liking. Of course, I am usually quite taken by an older man's experience and mesmerized by his distinguished demeanor, making me a submissive little daddy's girl. While my sprightly nature lures many prowling predators my way, forcing me into being the purr~fect victim. Then again, my inquisitiveness always lands me in the most compromising situations and has me at the mercy of the man or men who cums to my rescue! Yet, don't be fooled by my Cheshire smile, I am indeed Daddy's Spoiled Little Bratty Princess. My friskiness can be harmful for the punier male, why I just adore playing and teasing the smaller prey. Cum get kinky with me, Gaia the Kinky Kitten you have been craving for!

My Favorite Roleplays:

Bratty Babysitter

Daddy's Girl

Manipulative Roleplays

Mean Teen Sister

Pedo Fun

MILF Aaliyah Aaliyah

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Some of My Favorite Phonesex Calls Include:

Kinky no restrictions Phone sex Fun, Oral Sex, Family Fun, Kinky Taboos, Extreme roleplays, Ageplay, Rough stuff, more!