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Good Girl Gone Bad.

There's really no other way to describe me. I decided to take a life changing experience and turn it into a sexually satisfying lifestyle. Welcome to the fucked up world of Hannah *Wink*

I went from being captain of my high school cheer leading squad, to the mother of two beautiful twin girls. I was forced into a dark alley my senior year of high school, and 9 months later I was a mother. WTF? I never wanted kids, I'm just not the maternal type. So I decided instead of being bitter, I was going to turn my little girls into sweet street candy and make a profit *Evil Grins* How are they doing? Well, let's just say, I'll never have to work again.

I've always loved rough phone sex roleplays. I got into phone sex to live out my taboo fantasies when kinky sex in real life just wasn't enough. Tied up, gagged and bound. I won't scream mercy, it's your turn to hurt me. Like the sound of that? It's the intense, hardcore, no limits roleplays that make me the phone sex operator that will forever change the way you think of 'taboo sex'I've always loved rough phone sex roleplays.

Who would imagine the forbidden fantasies that use to keep me up at night, the same fantasies that had me shaking, my body seizing in convulsive orgasms, would 1 day make me so fucking twisted? *Giggles* I guess the loss of my innocence is your gain.

MILF Aaliyah Aaliyah

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