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I'm Ivy, and you'd never know it to talk to me now, but I was a virgin before I went off to college, just a sweet, innocent little girl, the most wholesome girl on the high school cheerleading squad I never smoked or drank like all my friends, and I had never even SEEN a guy's dick except in pictures. All of my fellow cheerleaders catty bitches, all of them used to make fun of me, calling me a goody two-shoes and things like that. I wish every one of those fucking sluts could see me now.

The first week of college, I got invited to a fraternity party and had my first drink and my first cock ever, and I loved them both! I can't BELIEVE I waited so long. But while I can't change the past, I am working day and night to make up for all the time I lost. I realized from my first taste of cock that I wanted to try it all and that I'd never be satisfied with just one guy. I'm playing the field and loving every naughty minute of it.

I mean, here I am, just finishing up my freshman year, and when I think back to all the kinky things I've done in just this one year gang bangs, anal, deep throating (I've discovered I have a very strong "oral fixation" LOL), girl-girl and threesome action, age play (remind me to tell you about my favorite professor who just LOVES his dirty little girl!), rough roleplays, daddy-daughter and big brother-little sister roleplays my God, just thinking about my sophomore year makes my pussy quiver in wet anticipation.

Now that I've finally unleashed the inner sex addict that was always hidden inside me, I've found that even when I'm not out on the prowl for new conquests I still think about it and like to talk about it. That's why I got into no-taboos phone sex. I've learned about so many kinky new fetishes here it gives me ideas for my real-life sex life. If you've got any hot ideas and are in the mood to talk to an always-horny xxx coed whore who likes it any way, anywhere, any time, look me up in our chat room. Even if I'm not there for some reason, you can still call me. I'm always looking for excuses to take a break from studying and pursue sex ed, my true major.


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