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I wanna watch you touch each other is what is going on in my mind. Though I don’t say anything at first. My homemade porn changes the scene to a setting with two young guys with smooth skin and nothing but boxers on sitting together. I watch with anticipation as the scene makes you rise. You know its naughty but you both are getting so turned on by how hot its making me. We watch the two as they cannot help but touch themselves first through their boxers then under them. I again begin to stroke your cocks feeling them jump and leak from the steaminess of the film. I then take both of your hands and put them on my pussy at first so you can feel what it is doing to me :) The warm wet sensation makes you both throb even more!! My breathing changes and i get sooo hot. I take each of your hands and put them on to each others hard throbbing cocks from the outside of your boxers so I can watch your reactions. Happily I see that both of you are willing to play and wanting to see how aroused I am going to get by this. You stroke each other softly from the outside and then slip inside under the concealment of clothes with a overwhelming curiosity of how each other really feels :) This again makes my cunt soaking wet with desire!

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