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Lots of girls are Daddy's little girl. Lots of girls are Daddy's little Princess. I'm all that and so much more because I'm Daddy's slutty little whore. You'd never guess when you see my daddy walking out the door in his finely tailored suit that my sweet smelling pussy juice is drying on his cock from our morning fuck. You wouldn't expect to find my sheer pink lip gloss smudged against the base of his cock but if you look close its there. You certainly wouldn't think that when I bend over, the wet spot you see spreading on my sweet cotton little girl panties is the last trickle of daddy's cum leaking from my tight little butthole.

Most of my friends daddy's don't spend a lot of time with them but mine does. My daddy shows me how much he loves me everyday. He takes me shopping, he buys me presents and he always lets me cum after I've pleased him. But daddy is strict and he will punish me if I disobey him. If I cum before he shoots his load he will spank my lily white ass until it's red and raw. Boy do those flaming cheeks hurt as they jiggle around his cock as he viciously butt slams me from behind! His hands are like bear paws and he can grip and squeeze my whole tender behind as he thrusts his prick in hard and deep again and again.

I remember when he began teaching me to suck cock. How I would gag and wretch as he forced his prick into my little mouth. I thought I would never be able to cram it all in. When I would get frustrated and cry because I thought I was going to choke on it, daddy would say he'd give me something to cry about. I knew this would mean he would turn

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