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I am the Bad Girl your Mamma warned you about! I have my own philosophy towards life and that is “Life is about Experience and I want to Experience it ALL!”

My parents tried real hard to tame me growing up, but they soon learned that this wild child had no reigns and liked the whip! My free nature allows me to explore it all: the dark, the dirty, the cold, the callous, the soft, and the sensuous.
I have been a total whore since I first learned how to get whatever I asked for by wiggling my ass on my Daddy’s lap. My sexual manipulation grew from that moment on and I was sure to use my carnal influence over everyone I encountered!

If you are shy and timid I will make you my bitch. I want to hear you beg for my attention, scream for my mercy, pay for my existence and prey to me on your knees morning, noon and night.
If you are all powerful and dominant I will be your cunt. I want to be bound, gagged and at your command. I will Service you like no other, and honor your every wish.

I am Juniper…. And I am into it ALL, I want it NOW and I want it DIRTY!

xoxox Juniper

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Kinky no restrictions Phone sex Fun, Oral Sex, Family Fun, Kinky Taboos, Extreme roleplays, Ageplay, Rough stuff, more!