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Hey there Lover ,

I am Kandi , All I can say is I couldn't be sweeter. I am a sweet young blonde that is totally new to the world of phone sex. I am a Freshman in college and one of my friends does phone sex for a living and I thought it was totally something I wanted to do since I can't seem to keep my hands out of my little panties anyhow : Giggle :

So to tell you a little bit about me . I'm 18 almost 19 and have an extremely wild and vivid imagination. I kinda just broke free from under a strict Daddies thumb. My dad never let me do anything when I was growing up as he was always so worried of the world corrupting his little Princess, Maybe he should have worried about ME corrupting the world as I am quite the young little seductress . If I want something , I will make sure I get it no matter what is standing in the way ( And yes I'll stomp my feet and sulk if I don't lol ) .

I have so many dirty fantasies that I love to think and talk about while I slide my hand down my panties touching my girlie parts : Giggle : I would nothing more then to share these fantasies and stories with you . I have a very cute young little voice and have no objections to those wild stories involving age play and family play. In fact I have got some really hot stories ( reality and fantasy ) that I am sure you would love for me to share with you.

I think I am right where I belong here being such a cute young little sex kitten , Just be careful though as sweet as I am I can have a very Bitchy Princess side sometimes, Even the cutest little kittens can have the sharpest claws : Evil Grin : I specialize in playful age play, Family play , cute little coed, Girl next door type calls BUT I love a good humiliation or pampered Princess type call .

So enough here , Now it time for us to explore the world of taboo and kinky phone sex together pick up your phone and call me . I promise you that after playing with me I will be on top of your favorite little phone sex teen list .... Because I am ALWAYS a good little girl.

Daddy's Girl - Teacher/student - Coach/athlete - Wilderness Wench/Troop leader - Babysitter - Little/Big sister - Uncle/Niece - Plushy Fetish - Tickling - Naughty Cheerleader - Ageplay - Family Fun & More

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