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One look at me and you know I'm trouble. Lucky for me most women can't see it, but their husbands sure can. I discovered I was "trouble" when I was 11 years old and I started babysitting to earn a little extra money. On my very first babysitting job, the dad drove me home. He was asking me all sorts of personal questions - like if I'm still a virgin, if I masturbated, etc. I was still a virgin at that time, so I told him so. I also was pretty naive, so I asked him what masturbate meant. He got his dick out and started stroking it. He said that masturbating for me would be to rub my fingers all up and down and inside my pussy. Then he showed me how to do it with his long fingers. Holy fuck! I had an orgasm right then and there on the front seat of his car.

From that night on, I became his regular babysitter, and he'd take his wife out twice a week. And twice a week he'd take me home and that's when I learned to suck and ride cock, and take it in the ass. He'd give me lots of presents and money to thank me for fucking my pre-teen body.

I learned babysitting could be very profitable for me if I offered that extra service for all the daddies whose kids I watched. I guess word got around with all the dads because I was busy every single night with babysitting jobs.


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