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I'm one of the most demanding and insatiable teens in the world of hardcore phone sex, think you can handle me? I've been a sex addict since I was a pubescent school girl, all innocence and sexual curiosity.

Problem is, I'm not innocent anymore and my sexual curiosity turned into pure sexual need. I think starting out so young and so kinky may have ruined 'normal' sex for me *Giggles* I need the taboo and hardcore to get my fix!

Phone Sex with me is all about the mindfuck. I can't physically stroke your cock, but I bet you can feel my soft, small hands stroking you with the sound of my voice. I can't physically be your daughter, but when my young voice is begging Daddy for more, you'll never know the difference between me, and the prepubescent child you're fantasy fucking.

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MILF Aaliyah Aaliyah

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