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You might say I was something of an "ugly duckling" during my early teens; I was pretty well a loner until tenth grade. I was never prom queen, captain of the cheerleading squad or extremely popular with lots of friends. The things those snotty bitches never knew was that while they were at cheerleading practice, I was fucking all their boyfriends like they WANTED to be fucked. Best of all, they ALWAYS came back for more.

They always came back because I have no limits at all when it comes to sex, and I'm not looking for "commitment" or any of that fucking bullshit. I'm just looking for no holds barred sex 24/7. They knew they didn't have to stay and cuddle and all that silly shit when we were done, and I didn't even mind it when they brought their friends along to join in the fun. In fact, I LOVE group sex, outlasting a whole group of guys, draining every one of their cocks and then asking for more when they're all laying back exhausted, their cocks limp and their balls empty.

Sex taboos and inhibitions fascinate me because I've never had any. I am a totally kinky nympho who loves to orgasm and make my men cum while we're doing it hard and nasty. In short, I want to be fucking USED, be it dirty, nasty and raunchy whatever you want to do. I have zero limits.

Since I'm thinking about all this twisted shit all the time anyway, I knew hardcore phone sex would be a perfect way for me to "release the pressure" on those rare occasions when I don't have a real cock to pleasure. Call me, but I've got to warn you: I don't pull any fucking punches when I start talking about sex, and I get turned on by some sick ass shit. There's no play I won't go and enjoy the hell out of it. Why don't you call me now and let's enjoy the trip together?


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Kinky No Taboo Phone Sex - Extreme Roleplays - Gang Bangs - Family Fun - Extreme Ageplay - Babysitter/Cheerleader/Schoolgirl - Accomplice/Kidnap Fantasy - & Much Much More!