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People who know me (or who THINK they know me) consider me and my parents to be this wholesome, inspirational family. You see, they adopted me from an orphanage in Eastern Europe when I was just a small girl and brought me here to raise as their daughter. Little do people on the outside know that they're both just rich perverts who love young pussy and who got tired of taking the risks involved in finding young girls to abduct and make into their sex slaves here. So I'm their live-in teen fucktoy. You'll never hear me complain, though. Why would I? No one loves to suck cock, lick cunt and have kinky sex more than I do.

Seriously, it's such perfect cover! I mean, at school I'm the perky little cheerleader to meet me, you'd think sugar wouldn't melt in my mouth I'm so sweet but believe me, for the right guy or girl, I can go from sweet little girl to kinky, sexy little wildcat in the blink of an eye. It always catches people off guard but oddly enough, they never seem to push me away. *giggle*

Now that I've gotten a little older, my parents have started loaning me out, inviting me as the young "guest of honor" at their kinky swinger parties. I can't tell you how many gang bangs and perverted sex scenes I've been at the center of.

I've done so much, so young, in fact, that real-life sex has gotten kind of boring to me. Don't get me wrong, I love a good, hard, kinky fuck session as much as anyone, but I'm looking for new ideas. That's why I got into no taboos, no limits phone sex. Believe me, I haven't been disappointed. You guys have some of the most naughty fantasies, and they've given me so many new ideas to try!

What about you, sweetie? Think you have something new for Martina to try? Call me and let's talk about it. Nothing makes me cum harder than a man's sexy forbidden secrets!


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Kinky No Taboo Phone Sex - Extreme Roleplays - Gang Bangs - Family Fun - Extreme Ageplay - Babysitter/Cheerleader/Schoolgirl - Accomplice/Kidnap Fantasy - & Much Much More!