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Ever have that fantasy that you're scared to tell anyone? You know, THAT one, the one that tortures you as you try to sleep, the one your wife or your girlfriend would leave you over if she knew what you REALLY desire in the blackest corner of your heart?

Nothing turns me on more than finding out what a man's deepest, darkest fantasy is and absolutely exploring every nook and cranny of it. I CRAVE that fucking shit. I always have, even when I was a little girl. Daddy always said I was his favorite daughter, because I let that kinky bastard do EVERYTHING he wanted, and he let me do anything I wanted to my little sisters while he watched.

Of course, as I got a little older, I craved variety beyond Daddy and his friends. And they all love me because I love to be pushed to my absolute limits, physically and mentally. I am a true submissive pig, I will take ANY order that's given to me, no matter how sick it is. I love for my Master to call me names, use me, abuse me, humiliate me, and then throw me out or just lock me up to use me later. Make me your nasty little cum-eating bitch, make me beg and scream for mercy, only to cry for more when you're finished. Don't hold back. Show me who's boss like Daddy used to!

My taste for dark, abusive sex has led me to enter the world of no-limits phone sex. Talk about a playground for the mind! It's opened me up to SO MANY new and naughty taboos to ignore in pursuit of absolute carnal pleasure. If I'm available, you know I'll be ready to rock it with some hardcore phone fun harder than you ever dreamed possible. Call me and you'll wonder why you ever screwed around calling anyone else.


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Some of My Favorite Phonesex Calls Include:

Kinky No Taboo Phone Sex - Extreme Roleplays - Gang Bangs - Family Fun - Extreme Ageplay - Babysitter/Cheerleader/Schoolgirl - Accomplice/Kidnap Fantasy - & Much Much More!