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MI have plenty of toys to shove in and out of my juicy lil' holes along with my favorite fantasies/roleplays and Iím sure you have your favorites too. No limit phone sex, what-so-ever, Wanna rape me? Hi there sexy, my name is teen phone sex girl Monika and I am dying to get messy with you! I just got sent home from boarding school and now Iím being punished for it. My parents have grounded me until they find another school that will take me and since Iíve been expelled from almost every girls academy in the US, that wonít be easy *giggles* Itís not my fault that my teachers always end up lusting after me! This time I got caught on my knees in the faculty lounge with Monsieur Rochard fucking my mouthÖ.by the headmistressÖMadame RochardÖhis wife! She was furious! I think Mr. would have pissed himself if he hadnít been rock-hard at the time, funny how he didnít lose his hard-on when she caught us, he just stood there staring at Madam, his dick hard and his mouth open *giggles* Some men just donít know how to handle themselves!


So Iím home for now and Iíve been trying to seduce our neighbor, who just happens to be Daddyís best friend. He also has a really hot son who is on my list simply because he told me no once, a long time ago. He said I was too young and that he doesnít fuck little girls but Iím betting I can change his mind *wink* It would be even better if I could get them to double-team me, father and sonÖYUMMY! So why donít you call me and maybe I can tell you all about the progress Iíve been making. Or maybe I can tell you about some of the other ďscenesĒ Iíve been involved inÖor you could just fuck the shit outta me until you blow your wad all over my ass and cunt? Yeah, Iím liking the sound of that *giggles* cum show me that monster cock you have for me, do you think it might be too big? I hope so daddy, I like it when every time feels like the first. Call me now and split my bald pussy with your fat cock or work it into my tight lil asshole. Will you be my Daddy? I looove to make Daddy feel good and be his good lil girl *smiles* But Iíll tell you a secret, when Iím good at Roleplay phone sex , Iím very, very goodÖbut when Iím bad Iím even better!


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