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Say hello to Nikki & Megan... The Wicked Step Sisters

That's right wicked little step sisters. We didn't grow up together until we started middle school. Our parents started dating each other and we started HATING each other. Fighting over who had the best clothes, best shoes, the hotter boyfriends, and definitely Daddy's attention, you know the deal.

Well 1 night, I (Nikki) decided I was definitely going to pay Megan back for walking into my life like she owned the place. Me and my boyfriend picked her up from school and decided we were going to have some of his friends meet us in the park. We were going to gang bang rape her, film it, and put it all over youtube! We were going to show the world what a dirty slut she was. But just as my boyfriend started holding her down and ripping her clothes off, I started getting super excited! I loved the way Megan's body looked, her perky little breasts, blonde hair and her sweet bald pussy... that's when the light bulb went off in my head.

Why did we have to fight? No, two hot and horny teens like us, we could basically rule the world. Needless to say, me and Megan turned that gang bang into a video sensation, taking 6 hard cocks like tiny little teen pros, and ever since? We wicked step sisters have been conquering boys like there's no tomorrow. We started with Daddy, we rode his cock, in exchange for his fat wallet Giggles

Failing math? No problem! Megan is a cock sucking pro, and when I let the principal but his cock into my tight teen ass... can we say A+

Speeding ticket? Here girls, blow on this.

There's nothing two taboo cuties like us can't do. We love ANY fantasy, the nastier the better. We just give you 1 warning, we're totally addicting, and we might be just a little too extreme for you. You don't know NO LIMITS, until you give us a call. We bring a whole new meaning to the words

Whip your cock out boys, let's see what the wicked step sisters can do for you!

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