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I am that girl from the other side of the tracks. Yeah, I've done a lot of strange, nasty things in my life to make money to get by. Back in the 'hood, I would suck and fuck anybody who was willing to pay me. I had a sugar daddy who would pimp me out to all of the men around town. I would put on something really skimpy and go into the bar with him. Then one at a time I would take the guys out back and open my mouth as they fucked it nice and hard. The older white men especially loved me. They said that my head skills were some of the best they ever had.

My big, black, voluptuous body and big titties had all the guys waiting around the block from the hotel room where I worked. They loved to bend me over and fuck my ebony pussy and ass nice and hard. My pimp kept me busy; there was never a dull moment with him. He kept my holes filled up with cum constantly. But that's how I liked it. See, I was a whore by choice, because I could never get enough dick, and I still can't. I love dick, I crave it.

I still turn tricks for my "special customers," but when I'm not busy with that, I LOVE nasty phone sex. I can't wait to get you on the phone and show you all of my skills, show you why they call me Ebony Princess. I am good at what I do. I'm what they call a "Super Freak," I will talk about anything and everything. I am a very sexual person and am open to pretty much everything. Don't believe me, call and find out for yourself.

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Daddy/Daughter, Cheerleader, Family Fun, school girl, ageplay, extreme age roleplays, Rough stuff, more!