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I'm Sandra, and if ever anyone's day job and second job matched perfectly, it's mine. I am a real-life stripper in Texas. I got into erotic phone sex as kind of a joke after several men had suggested that I do it. Apparently I have one of those voices and one of those kinky imaginations that can make a man cum without him even touching his cock. I've made several men blow these massive loads simply by lapdancing and talking to them back in the VIP Room. (Those are the guys who walk out with their jackets covering their crotch because of the sticky mess down there. LOL)

But now that I've really gotten into phone sex I mean hardcore phone sex I have to admit that I find phone fantasies way hotter and more intense than anything (well, almost anything *giggle*) that's ever happened to me at the club. I mean, even though you do get to meet men in person as an erotic dancer, that world is all about the illusion of pleasure. You can't take it all the way like you can during a steamy phone sex session. I mean, guys can't even touch you in certain ways out in the open. And even in the VIP Room there are limits (unless I think the guy or his girlfriend, in some cases are hot. *giggle*)

At first I was really surprised at all of the absolutely taboo secrets my phone sex partners have shared with me really kinky roleplay, extreme age play, family play (daddy daughter fun is my favorite, though mommy daughter sex adventures would be a close second), nonconsensual and accomplice fantasies, feminization (forced and otherwise), blackmail, even K-9, hell, I'm game. I get off on that shit just as hard as you do. It gets me off when you get off, and I can't get enough of it.

Let's talk, let's explore, let's have a perverted mutual masturbation session and see just how hard I can get you off and how hard I can cum with you. Wanna have a contest to see who cums first? *giggle* If you're looking for truly no taboos phone sex with someone who genuinely loves it as much as you do, hit me up in our free chat room. Or better yet, just cut to the chase and call me. You have my number. *giggle*

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Daddy/Daughter, Cheerleader, Family Fun, school girl, ageplay, extreme age roleplays, Rough stuff, more!