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Which would you rather do tonight, - take your wife to dinner ... watch the game with your buddies... or crawl around my bedroom and beg to lick my boots and kiss my ass while I tickle, mock tease and deny that worthless stub in your pants?

Teased... Pantied... Humiliated... and DENIED!!!

Wanna Be My Sissy?

The Princess Will Teach You Your Propers
(try not to squeal too loud girly boy)

high heel worship - pluggin you up - brown hosing - strap on lessons - cock teasing - cuckold humiliation - giggles n denial - panty sniffing

Time for you to unzip and strip and prepare for a gigglefest humilation session that's gonna leave you feeling 2 inches tall, Mr. Peanut! This teen mean queen is waititng for you, you SAD PATHETIC STROKING LOSER!

Here Piggy Piggy ........... the Princess wants to play " PLUG THE PIGTAIL " on you then degrade you into making a complete fool of yourself for MY amusement. Maybe if you make me giggle, I will allow you to OINK up a "piggy puddle" at my PRETTY PEDICURED feet.

I am the perfectly-manicured casually cruel dream girl who pouts, preens, teases and turns married men into my drooling, crawling, willing-to-do-anything, wanna-be sugar daddies.

Think you can resist me?

Even though I am still a sophomore, precocious princess Shyanne might as well have my masters when it comes to the art of cockteaseing. I love turning POWERFUL men into my tent-pantsed drool puppies. So... what might I do to a weakling like you?

BE WARNED.... I am going to tweak it and tease it until your throbbing, bobbing, begging and sobbing!

To Know Me Is To Need Me

MILF Aaliyah Aaliyah

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Some of My Favorite Phonesex Calls Include:

Domination/Submission, Humiliation, Bondage, Feminization, Cuckolding, Hardcore Fun, rough stuff, and much more!