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I'm Storm, your sweet little chocolate craving. Once you try my warm mocha pie you will never go vanilla again. I am the kind of chocolate that won't rot your teeth. Dive into me boo because I just love seeing a naughty white boy between my legs. When you're with me, just remember I am a no limits kind of girl.

I wanna be your secret fantasy. Bet your mama would faint if she knew you were pounding my sweet little black ass every night.Once you Fuck a ghetto booty, those skinny little white bitches will never do, ever again. You gotta have some cushion baby. Your white dick will beg for more,I love when we push the limits together.

We can dream on back to the slavery days OR take it to the present,and this black bitch will show you just what it was like growing up in the ghetto. I will take that tight white ass of yours and make it mine,never being the same again.

I have a 10 inch strap-on to make sure you treat me right. On your knees white boy, I got a use for you.Hot, Wet, and Nasty are 3 words to describe a phone sex phone Fuck session with me.

I will take you from mild to wild and make sure you always dial and ask for me.I can be a twisted little slut, and my shaved little pussy is always craving the cum of a white boy like you. Fill my chocolate hole with your creamy white candy.

Willy wonka don't have nothin on my sweet little ass. Don't worry I will keep your dark secrets safe, so which way you wanna go tonight? You wanna dominate me or you gonna be MY little white bitch?

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