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I'm Tara, and I love wearing pink, frilly, pretty things and pigtails. It always fools the adults into thinking I'm just this sweet, wholesome, innocent little thing. As an added bonus, it drives all the guys crazy, because they all know how much I love cock, how much time I spend fucking and sucking off every guy I can. My "little girl look" is my disguise hiding my teen fuck machine alter ego.

I'm serious, no matter how many guys fuck me, no matter how hard they fuck me, no matter how hard or how many times I cum as they're slamming their cocks balls-deep into me while I'm furiously rubbing my own clit, I can never quite be satisfied. I always want more. The guidance counselor at school told me I needed to get help, that I had a sex addiction problem but like any man, as soon as I got on my knees and gave him the blowjob of his life, and let him shoot his hot, thick load down my throat, he changed his tune quickly.

Lately I've been pulling the train at a lot of gangbangs in my search for sexual satisfaction. I love double and, yes, triple penetration sex. Unlike a lot of girls, I LOVE IT UP MY ASS, it's the most intense fucking of all, so tight, so hot, so fucking filthy. Most of my friends bitch about how much it hurts, and it does, but my God, it's pleasure-pain at its best.

This is just a little about me. What about you? I got into no limits phone sex because a) I love hearing guys talk about their very kinkiest secrets because it makes me cum really hard, and b) I love talking about all the wicked shit I do and hearing YOU cum really hard. So why don't you call me and let's make each other happy? Nothing's off limits with me both when it comes to no taboos phone sex and in real life.

MILF Aaliyah Aaliyah

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