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I'm Tatum the hot rich sorority girl that you all love to hate. Walking around campus with my perfect clothes, my perfect hair and my perfect smile. I know everyone thinks that I'm a rich little daddy's girl, but that quite isn't right. Growing up daddy was making very good money and making sure his little girl had everything she wanted. Then one day Daddy told me that he lost his job and there was not going to be anymore private school or any of my favorite high end clothes and purses. I was so mad, I told him what am I going to have to do fuck your boss for you to get your job back, I saw the look in his eye and I realized that I probably could get his job back I knew how his boss and co-workers stared at me.

That is just what I did, I fucked daddy's boss and he got a job, but not the high paying one that he use to have. So, I kept this problem a little secret and kept up the appearance of being the spoiled rich girl, but in fact I was the one starting to bring in the money. I was fucking daddy's boss so he would keep his job and so he would give daddy bonuses. But I starting fucking all of daddy's friends so they would buy me all the high end things I wanted. I even had one of his friends pay my tuition. I of course had to keep my daddy in line, I didn't want him losing the job again and now that we didn't have as much money and had to fire the maid, I kept him cleaning everything all of the time. Watching him was so pathetic, I would just laugh any remind him that this was all his fault.

Once I graduated and turned 18 I didn't know what I was going to do, I got my college tutuion paid for, because daddy's boss gave me a company sponsored scholarship, you were suppose to win it by an essay contest. I made daddy write the essay and had a marathon fuck session with his boss to win that contest. So I wanted to join a sorority and still live the good life while going to college and then one of daddy's friends told me that I should become a model to make money on the side. He of course meant a nude model, I loved taking all of my pictures, the photographer told me that he never has had a girl get so wet while taking the pictures. I fucked him so I didn't have to pay any fees and then I found out about all the hot fun I could have on the phone and help afford my lifestyle.

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