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I enjoy delivering erotic pain to willing subjects. Whether that pain comes in the form of punishment or from the deliciously sweet feeling that I love to inflict. Do you burn with secret needs, do you ache with desires that haunt you and steal your sleep?

Cry for me, sing to me with your agony, and surrender to me your tears.

Every sting of my crop is a kiss from me to you. Every bite of my whip lashing against your tender flesh endears me to you. Kneel at my feet little pet, know to whom you belong.

Take off that suit and tie. Leave your vanilla world behind. Here is where your soul lives. Come to me naked and humble. I will break you down and make you into the slave, boy toy, pain slut & servant that you long to be. I am the Mistress you Yearn to serve. Call me NOW.

You will follow my every command knowing it's for your own good

You will worship at my feet.
You know that as a woman I am innately superior to all men.
You are prepared to serve both myself as your Goddess and anyone I direct you to serve.
Obedience is freely given and expected.

You will lick my cum filled and used pussy clean from that BIG BLACK COCK that left it swollen and raw. You will beg to be my personal toilet , my littles piss and shit slut , can you guess what I ate for lunch , OPEN UP AND SAY AHHHH ! I am that sensual Mommy training her little boy in cunt worship , and I am that cruel domme who longs only to strecth that tight ass of yours for fisting. I am that twisted bitch who will make you suck and fuck my doggies pink cock .

So if it is taboo fetish sex you crave look no further, from mild to wild , sweet to stern. This Mistress is the FREAK you will yearn for in very depths of your lustful cock and balls.

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