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I'm Tuesday, and when it comes to kinky fetish phone sex I'm ready to become your new, slutty secret, the dirtiest day of your week no matter what your calendar may say. LOL

When I first joined Kinky Kitten Klub, I wanted to make sure that my photos reflected my very favorite things. As you can see, if you just saw me out in public you'd think I was this wholesome, innocent little thing and I could tell the names of many men (and more than a few of my little teen girlfriends) who would laugh their fucking asses off if you used "Tuesday" and "innocent" in the same sentence. They know what a fucking whore I am. Fuck, I'm not ashamed. I like hardcore, kinky, xxx sex. What the fuck is wrong with that? I know what I like and I love to orgasm hard and often.*

As you'll see in my other photos, I enjoy being tied up, and once I'm tied up, I like for a man to take charge and use any hole he likes my wet pussy, my tight little ass, my mouth and throat. I especially enjoy abduction and rough stuff, the rougher the better. Yes, I may beg and cry and tell you to stop, but you know that what I really want is that hot, thick, delicious cum load shooting down my throat and running down my chin. I love extreme ageplay and family fun . Bottom line, I LOVE the feeling of control I have over a man when I know that I can make him empty his balls for me whenever I want, and I'll do anything and I do mean ANYTHING to taste that sweet man chowder.

Come on, baby, call me. Feed your little cum slut. Let's take no limits, no taboos phone sex to the next level together. If you think you're ready for me, call me and let me rock that cock until you're completely satisfied..

MILF Aaliyah Aaliyah

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