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I'm Zarina, and I'm a Southern girl who disproves all those myths about "Southern Belles" being prim and proper when it comes to sex. Guys have been my passion ever since I was a freshman in high school. By then, I had fingered my pussy so much and used so many toys to make myself cum that I thought I was going to EXPLODE if I didn't experience real cock.

My first sexual experience set the tone for all the sexy adventures I've had since then. There was this one guy who lived right across the street from me who was in all my classes, and he was sexy as hell. After making his cock hard flirting with him at school every day, I waited until my folks left and he came over. He was licking my cunt and I was sucking his dick within a minute after the front door closed, we went 69 right there in my parent's foyer. He didn't just pop my cherry, he fucking DESTROYED it, and we fucked like animals all afternoon. I can still close my eyes and feel his cum leaking out of my bloody twat and running down the insides of my thighs. *shudder*

I've come a long way since then. All the guys love this Southern honey because they know I'm ANYTHING but a prick tease. I'm a complete cum slut, I love it everywhere: down my throat, in my pussy, and ESPECIALLY in my tight ass, where I can feel every hot drop shooting inside me as they scream out my name. I absolutely lose my fucking mind when a guy calls me filthy names when he pounds me.

I would love for you to use me good and hard, and I won't even mind if you call some of your friends to help you. I loved having all three of my holes of my body filled up all at the same time, pussy, ass, and mouth fucked all at one time. Hard, rough, long, soft, any way you want it, that's how I want it.

So if you're looking for "sweet Southern Belle" who likes hard cock and uncensored hardcore phone sex, call me. When it comes to phone sex, I can't wait to make you cum harder than you thought possible.

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